My boy misses me

So me and the hubby have been wondering why our boy has suddenly been playing up. It’s honestly like living with a teenager not a nearly 5 year old! The attitude has been unbelievable and he answers back wanting the last word in every conversation. It’s really taken us by surprise as parents and we … More My boy misses me

Why it’s great being a mummy: My Mothering Sunday Poem

When your making your own bacon sandwich on Mother’s Day. It’s because your hubby’s taken the kids out to give you some peace but you still miss them. When your feeling really poorly and there’s no rest. It’s because your children need you always and this job stops for nothing! When your the last one … More Why it’s great being a mummy: My Mothering Sunday Poem

My weekly happy list

Thanks youbabymemummy this is a great idea to capture all those happy moments.  There’s always more than you realise too! 1. My son getting ‘child of the week’ at school for his efforts and concentration when learning his reading and writing. I am sooooo amazed at this, as normally his concentration is zero. Very proud … More My weekly happy list

My baby girl

It’s the weirdest feeling knowing when your having your baby. No living on the edge wondering when that spontaneous labour will start. It’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve made. Going from being determined to have a VBAC (a term I’d never heard of before) to having a planned c-section. It’s a decision I couldn’t … More My baby girl