My weekly happy list

Thanks youbabymemummy this is a great idea to capture all those happy moments.  There’s always more than you realise too!

1. My son getting ‘child of the week’ at school for his efforts and concentration when learning his reading and writing. I am sooooo amazed at this, as normally his concentration is zero. Very proud mummy tonight when he came home from school. His certificate is proudly placed on the fridge door of course!

2. My baby girl learning to say ‘uh oh’. Her daddy has taught her to say ‘uh oh’ this week. So funny, she’s started saying it all the time now. I think because she gets a reaction from us, which of course she loves.

3. My baby girl learning how to high five! This was from me today. She held up her little hand whilst she was having her snack this afternoon. So I held mine up and gave hers a little tap and said ‘high five!’. Now she keeps putting up her hand as she thinks it’s really funny. So cute. Great to feel up to playing with her today after feeling so poorly this week.

4. The christening outfits arriving for my boy and baby girl (gorgeous). My baby girl is getting christened this weekend. So we already had the dress for my baby girl, but the cardigan arrived today and it’s absolutely perfect! My boys shirt and trousers arrived too and were just what I was after. He is going to look so grown up in his smart shirt. Bless him. Just need to sort mine out now! That will be a job for the night before no doubt!

5. My son getting ‘star of the day’ at school for good writing. Another school award, earlier this week. He’s on a roll after a bit of a dry spell. He must have worked very hard this week. I am super proud of him. Be really is coming on leaps and bounds.


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