Working mum countdown day 1 !!

So it’s here, the night before my return to work. The 2nd February has arrived! Typically I am poorly with a cold and cough. Surprisingly I have a ‘lets just get on with it’ attitude. So I’m ill, so I’m going back to work, it’s happening, let’s just do this! I feel this is my fail safe for not breaking down in a heap on the floor, crying. A couple of paracetamol and an early night will sort me out.

So everything is packed and organised and waiting for me. My work clothes hang in the wardrobe, a smart pair of slim black tailored trousers and a bright pink woollen top. I’ve got my thermal vest ready as it’s going to be cold! I laid out all my baby girls clothes ready in her room before she went to bed. I doubt she is going to enjoy being woken early. But I’ve decided to carry on breastfeeding her in the mornings so if she’s not awake I’ll be waking her! Plus she’s going to my workplace nursery so will be coming with me. Both our bags are packed. Mine with my notebook, pens, lipstick, etc. I’ve kept the dinosaur teddy my boy gave me 2 years ago for work in there too. My baby girl has everything she’ll need, spare clothes, nappies, etc. I’ve told my hubby he’s in charge of getting my boy sorted, but I know there’s clean uniform hanging up in his wardrobe.

Me going back to work means we’re all going to have to be more organised. It’s been lovely being more relaxed about things as I’ve been home. So it didn’t matter that clothes weren’t ironed the night before, or the dishes weren’t done. We’re going to be living to a schedule now pretty much. I’ve been meaning to type up a schedule, print it off and stick it to the kitchen wall. But I’ve not done it yet. Oops I’m failing at this organisation thing already!

Work is certainly going to be alien to me. The getting up, getting ready and being out the door before 7am will be a struggle, let alone doing the work! My sister went back to work last week following her maternity leave and says she already feels like she’s never been away. Will I feel like that I wonder? I guess I’ll soon know!

Today’s felt weird but normal at the same time. I’ve gone from counting down the months, to counting down the hours. Bad idea. This morning I took the kids for coffee with my sister in law and her children. Afterwards my hubby took my boy swimming. Then we came home, lit the fire and watched a film whilst a roast was cooking. Just a normal Sunday. It’s been wonderful. The children have been so happy (most of the time). My favourite part of the day was watching my boy dancing around the kitchen to Def Leopard. Classic. I’ll miss my babies so much tomorrow.

So it’s off to bed for me with my hot water bottle. Crossing my fingers I feel better in the morning and it’s not too icy. Wish me luck!


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