Why it’s great being a mummy: My Mothering Sunday Poem

When your making your own bacon sandwich on Mother’s Day. It’s because your hubby’s taken the kids out to give you some peace but you still miss them. image When your feeling really poorly and there’s no rest. It’s because your children need you always and this job stops for nothing!

When your the last one to sit down at the dinner table. It’s because they always come first and your making sure they have full tummies.

When your folding the washing or wrapping presents and all they do is unfold and unwrap. It’s because they are trying to get your attention to play, because they can never get enough of you. image When you can never take a bath or go to the toilet alone. It’s because they are just checking you are there and they miss you.

When they wake up in the night or too early because they need a poo, are poorly or want breakfast. It’s because when they need you they need you, the reason or time of day doesn’t matter.

When your feeling sad and they give you a cuddle and make you smile. It’s because they love you unconditionally and are in tune with you always (even if it doesn’t seem like it).

When your tired and it feels really hard to carry on and they flash you that smile that makes it all worth while. It’s because they keep you strong and you have the most important job in the world. image

Mums' Days

8 thoughts on “Why it’s great being a mummy: My Mothering Sunday Poem

  1. Beautiful and sooo very true! I was awake most the night last night holding my little girl cause she was having a bad dream. It is all so worth it.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. Your poor little girl, my boy has them occasionally and likes his light on until we go to bed, so sweet. There’s nothing like the rewards of being a mummy x


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