50 Happy Things April 2015

Thank you to Caroline from diaryofamumof3.com for tagging me for the 50 Happy Things challenge! Just love doing these challenges, so thank you Caroline!

At first I thought blimey, can I even think of 50 happy things?! But once I started thinking about it I had no problem! A truly wonderful exercise to do and I thought of it as a massive extension of my Weekly Happy List posts. In the end I struggled to think of just 50, so I’ve maybe slipped extra ones under the same number !! Oops !!

Here we go:

1. My two children (of course they’re number 1!) motherhood is the most amazing thing ever
2. My husband, my rock, my soul mate
3. My mum, don’t know what I’d do without her
4. My wider family, love them to bits, most are local so we are lucky and my kids will grow up close to their cousins
5. My best friends, you know who you are!
6. Our home, our sanctuary
7. My cats, Charlie and Lola
8. Our fish, Burt (sadly Ernie passed away)
9. Cornwall, always our special place
10. Work, although I moan, I’m proud of my career, I worked hard to get there
11. Blogging, my new found love and slightly addicted!
12. Watching my hubby’s confidence grow as he develops his business and it becomes even more of a success
13. Chocolate, any kind will do, but cadburys dairy milk and Ferrero Roche are my favs
14. Going to the beach, having the sun on my face and looking out to sea
15. Going to the zoo, my boys fav day out
16. Spring time, happy time
17. The sound of singing birds in the mornings and evenings
18. Yellow roses and daffodils
19. Wine, rose this time of year
20. Running, got the bug again right now
21. My boys face when he met his sister for the very first time, utter joy
22. Photographs, I’m always behind the camera
23. Breastfeeding (after the weeks from hell)
24. Baking, my therapy, wish I could do more
25. Clean washing hanging on the line
26. Holding hands
27. My boys hugs/cuddles, or ‘huggles’ as my boy calls them, he gives the best huggles ever (this needs to be higher up the list!)
28. My iPad and iPhone, not sure what I’d do without them (sad I know)
29. Being pregnant, some people think I’m weird but I think it’s amazing
30. The sound of my kids laughing, especially when they’re laughing together
31. Bath time/bedtime is special time with the kids
32. Music, any really and playing it really loud in the car, when I can sing along loud and proud!
33. Dancing, with my boy in the kitchen, mainly after dinner times
34. Pyjamas, comfys and slippers, it’s never too early to get in them!
35. Jeans and boots, you can never have too many pairs
36. Doing the school run, simple I know
37. Christmas time
38. Going to baby/toddler groups, I’m missing them now and seeing my mummy friends
39. The allotment, a great place for all the family, a bit of a sanctuary at times and amazing to watch things grow
40. Mine and my husbands wedding and honeymoon, will write about this one day on my blog
41. Relaxing in a hot bubbly bath with a glass of wine (with the hum of kids in the background!)
42. The feeling of a new pair of shoes or new outfit, when you feel really special
43. Perfume, particularly Estée Lauder
44. Moisturiser, lip salve and mascara, my desert island essentials
45. Candles, especially scented ones
46. Dreaming, where would we be without our dreams?
47. The Range or any homeware store, could spend forever in those places
48. Planning and working hard towards our future, my hubby and I talk about it all the time
49. Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey
50. Lazy Sunday mornings in our pyjamas with fresh coffee and bacon sandwiches



I now nominate the following lovelies:








Apologies if any of you have already done this xxx




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