Review: Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Lip Color

I’ve never been one for wearing lipstick as I’ve always been more into eye makeup and that’s where I normally concentrate my efforts if I wear makeup. However, recently I’ve been longing to get lipstick right. I’ve struggled in the past with finding the right colour to suit my skin tone and I’m fussy when it comes to colour, in that I don’t like anything too solid looking or bold or bright! So you could say I’m a difficult when it comes to lipstick!


My Requirements:

I recently had a night out arranged with my friends and the day before I went in to Boots, on a mission to get a lipstick, to see if I could get it right. My makeup box is full of lipstick fails that I’ve brought and tried over the years. I didn’t have a lot of time (as always) and I had two main requirements:

1. Something that was long lasting

2. A colour suitable to wear day and night

Product Options:

I skimmed over the various make up stands and brands and ended up at the Maybelline stand and straight away their Superstay 24Hr Lip Color caught my eye. There were several shades that looked like good possibilities for me, including Plum Seduction (240), Forever Heather (310), Delicious Pink (150) and Rose Dust (185).


The Delicious Pink Shade (150) looked a bit too pale for my needs, but pretty none the less. This would have been a safe bet, but I wanted something that would make my lips slightly darker.  I tried out the Plum Seduction (240) and Forever Heather (310) on the back if my hand, but they looked too dark or too bold against my skin. That left Rose Dust (185) which was slightly more pinky than I was thinking of, but it looked a perfect medium tone for my colouring and for my needs.


The Product I Brought:

The Maybelline 24Hr Lip Color in Rose Dust (185) cost me £8.99. Pretty average on price for a lipstick of its kind and in comparison to the equivalent product from its competitors. So I was more than happy with the price and brought it.


Product Testing:

I wore my new Maybelline 24Hr Lip Color on my night out and the colour looked amazing for me. I was so pleased with how the colour looked and it was a perfect shade for my colouring, really complementing my skin tone. You apply it by staining the lips first with the colour end (it has a lovely soft brush) and once this has dried (a few seconds) you apply the moisturising end. The moisturising end gives your lips a lovely soft silky feeling and brightens up the look. I kept reapplying this throughout the evening as you can use it as often as you like.


I have used this product several times since, both during the day at work and for evenings out. It’s living in my hand bag and it’s getting some regular usage!

My Experience:

Overall I was very happy with this product. The colour was perfect for me and it lasts long enough. I can’t claim it lasts 24 hours, but it does last well, probably a good few hours depending on whether your eating or drinking. I found I particularly needed to reapply the colour after eating. I would say that during the day I reapply the colour once halfway through the day. The choices of colour are excellent, with a wide range of tones to suit all skin tones. I was so pleased to find a colour that suited me so well and one that I could wear day or night.

My Tips when using this Product:

I found this product worked best if you apply to dry lips (unmoisturised) and you can tone down or turn up the colour intensity by applying more or less of the colour.

My Overall Product Rating:

My Product Rating: 9 / 10

An excellent product for those wanting a long lasting lip colour which has a dual colour and moisturiser, which is available in a range of colours and tones.


Please look out for my competition where you could be in with a chance of winning a Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Lip Color in Rose Dust (185) ! Coming soon on the blog!

Jess x



Super Busy Mum

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