My Weekly Happy List Round Up: Weeks 39 to 42

I’m rounding up my Weekly happy list again due to life being super busy again!  So I’ve chosen 5 happy moments from November to share – weeks 39 to 42 in my Weekly happy list series.

1. My son getting ‘Child of the week’. So proud of my son at school this last month. Not only has he been awarded ‘Child of the week’ twice, he has also been awarded ‘Star if the day’ twice too! He’s been through a tough time recently, it came to light he was being picked on a bit, falling behind with his school work and he was losing his confidence (he’s only 5). But he’s back on track and enjoying school again so I’m so happy for him. We’ve also established a new routine due to my hours at work changing. This means that I can be around more, so I’m at home every morning apart from Wednesday’s and can to do the school run and my son loves me taking him to school.

2. My hubby getting a new job (or two!). My hubby has been self employed for nearly 4 years and even though it’s been amazing, giving my hubby lots of opportunities and flexibility, it’s put added financial pressure on us as the money has been so inconsistent. So we made the decision a couple of months ago for him to go back to employment for the time being. He saw several jobs he was interested in so applied for them and soon after was invited to two interviews.  Lucky hubby ended up being offered both jobs! I was so chuffed for him.  So hopefully after Christmas he’ll be starting his new job and a new chapter in our lives! Very exciting!

3. Rugby on the beach & feeding horses. During the weekend after our Cornwall holiday we had our nephews over for the day and we took them out with us to the beach for the afternoon. For November it was glorious, the sun was shining and it was warm. It was so beautiful down on the beach. We all played rugby (well, catch with a rugby ball!) and collected shells. On our way back to the car, the horses in one of the fields were right up close to the fence, so we went over to feed them some grass, which my son really enjoyed.

4. Visiting Saltram House. We were long over due a catch up with our best friends so we decided to meet up at Saltram House near Plymouth. Saltram is about half way between us and is a National Trust property so we get to make good use of our membership. It was a bit of a damp day, but we managed a walk around the estate. We walked quite a bit with the kids and they loved exploring the grounds. We also popped in to the house, but unfortunately only a few rooms were open to the public (may be they saw the kids coming!). The kids wizzed around at the rate of knots, so we didn’t get to take everything in. The best bit of the day was seeing the kids running around happily exploring together, they didn’t care it was raining!

5. Completing my 3rd 10K this year. I have had a bit of a break from running recently, due to some ill health and generally being busy (!). It’s also more difficult to fit running in now the evenings are darker, as I used to always go in the evenings and I don’t get home until late on work days. However, I really wanted to complete another 10K and Saltram (yep the place we visited above) organise a 10K run every 4th Sunday of the month. So my brother and I arranged to do it together in November. I only managed to fit in one run of 6K in beforehand, so was so happy to complete all 10K and ran the whole way! It was so lovely doing it with my brother too, although he ran it a lot faster than me (he came 14th, I came 83rd!) It was nice having him at the start and waiting for me at the end!


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