Christmas Crafts with the kids

My hubby was feeling very festive shopping the other day (yes he shops occasionally!) and came home with a lovely bumper craft tub from Hobbycraft  . The Christmas craft tub cost £5 and was huge! It was full of all sorts of crafty Christmassy things to make, including balballs, cards, feathers, glitter, shiny sprinkles of all shapes and colours, bendy piping, fluffy balls and much much more!!



Anyone who knows me, will know I’m not a naturally ‘crafty’ mummy! So I gave in to my son a few days after my hubby brought the craft tub – ‘please can we make Christmas things mummy?’.

So I sat at the kitchen table with my son and daughter for a Christmas craft session! We tipped everything out on to the table to see what we had and my son immediately wanted to decorate the White balballs. The craft tub came with some glitter glue which my son used to stick eyes and feathers to the balball. My daughter loved the different shiny shapes, so stuck lots of these on to her balball. My sons balball soon turned in to a bird with googly eyes and not a Christmas balball at all! He has some imagination!




The kids had so much fun sticking and glueing and creating! It was lovely to see them both enjoying an activity together. After about 15-20 minutes they had both had enough and my son wanted to play with the bird he made! And we put our daughters balball on the Christmas tree.

We still have the rest of the tub to use for some more Christmassy and creative fun, so watch this space!

*this is not a sponsored post*


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