My tips for driving safely this winter


Car safety is obviously important, but is also something that is quite close to my heart. So I was really pleased to be asked to write a post about car safety for Point S, a U.K. independent Tyre and car servicing dealership.

Six years ago when I was 4 months pregnant with my son, I had a serious car accident on the motorway, which changed my driving experience forever. I was so lucky to have survived the accident and it’s something I will never forget. As a result and understandably after that experience, I became  extra safety concious when it came to driving.

Because I live in the countryside, I have to drive around the lanes a lot of the time to get everywhere, which are notorious for knocks and can be particularly difficult this time of year when the roads are more wet, icy and muddy. Quite often the roads around me don’t get gritted if it’s cold, so you really have to be extra careful when it’s icy.

I drive s lot for work, my commute is about an hour each way and I travel as part of my job, to off site meetings, etc. Also, by living in a small village you have to drive everywhere! So for one reason or another I’m in the car driving a lot!

Im lucky enough to have a company car which gets renewed every 3 years. At the moment I have a   Nissan Qashqui which Ive only had since April. I’ve had nothing but a great experience driving it, I feel completely safe, its great for my family and I love it!

Here are my top tips for car safety and safe driving:

  1. Always get your car serviced regularly – it’s worth the peace of mind – your tyres, brakes, etc. Will all get checked.
  2. If your worried about your tyres, pop in to a tyre dealership to get them checked – which they will normally do for free. You could try Point-S tyre dealers who have cheap tyres available at their depots across the country.
  3. Check your oil and water regularly – you can pop in to a garage to get these checked if your worried about doing it yourself.
  4. Give yourself extra time on frosty mornings to defrost your windows properly, so your view is not obstructed.
  5. Give yourself extra journey time, so you don’t rush unnecessarily, especially when it’s wet, cold or busy.
  6. Keep water, blankets, spare clothes, snacks, etc. for emergencies and any delays – particularly important if you have children!
  7. Avoid driving if your over tired or really poorly where possible – if you have to, give your self extra time and take it extra slow.
  8. Think about kids entertainment if your doing a long journey with children to avoid them distracting you as much as possible – I find snacks work best, but toys, books and in car DVD players are ideal.

*Collaborative post with Point-S*



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