My ‘birthday’ Weekly Happy List: Week 34

So I’m catching up on my happy lists this week,  as I’m a week behind and I decided to dedicate Week 34 to my birthday! I turned the grand ‘young’ age of 37 on the 2nd October and guess what, I don’t feel a day older than 36! Like all birthdays when you get older, my birthday started like any other day, getting the kids up, breakfast, school run, etc. but I had a wonderful day after the mad morning dash!

So here are some of the things that made my day extra special:

1. My hubby making the house feel like a kids birthday party. Bless my hubby, he dressed the kitchen table with balloons, streamers, cards, presents, flowers, cake and chocolates. There were banners and streamers hanging in the kitchen and balloons everywhere! It was such a lovely surprise when I came home!


2. Going out for lunch with my mum.  My daughter and I met my mum for lunch at one of the local garden centres. It’s in a lovely spot, surrounded by countryside and we enjoyed a lovely walk around one of the meadows.  It was such a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed picking some blackberries. My little girl loved picking the blackberries and putting them in the basket, so sweet.



3. Going out for a special family meal.  We decided to all go out for an evening meal for my birthday. So we went to a lovely seaside pub near us, which is great for families with young kids. The kids were so well behaved and enjoyed playing with the pubs toys and books and eating ice cream!




4. Having an evening stroll on the beach. After our meal we all went for a walk on the beach. The sun was almost down and you could see the lighthouse light in the distance. It was a bit blowy and the waves were crashing loudly. It really was so lovely to blow the cobwebs away! The pictures are a bit blurry due to the light (below).




Thank you to my family for making my birthday extra special!!


4 thoughts on “My ‘birthday’ Weekly Happy List: Week 34

  1. Belated happy birthday. Sometimes it’s the most simple things that can make that day special. We are all off out tomorrow for the other halfs birthday which is on Monday. I am being a rubbish partner as I’m away with work on his birthday. ..oops! Then it’s my birthday the week after! Bur he’s not going away haha! I quite like simple birthdays now! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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