Easy healthy superfood salad recipe

I’ve been under the weather recently, we’ve just had one illness after the other in our house! So today I decided I needed to treat my body to something good. It was craving some health! I needed a superfood salad! So whilst out and about I picked up everything I needed and couldn’t wait to get home to make it up and enjoy it! This recipe makes enough for two large portions. Perfect for all seasons I think and can be accompanied with a homemade warm savoury muffin on the side. Mmm yummy!


Preparation time: 15 minutes

What I used:

For the salad:

1 x bag of baby leaf salad

5 x baby tomatoes cut in halves (I use the plum variety)

A handful of green beans

1 x pack of feta cheese

1 x baby beetroot (preferably ones not soaked in vinegar)

A generous handful of pumpkin seeds

Optional: Avocado, unfortunately mine weren’t ripe enough!

For the dressing:

1 x lemon juiced

4 x tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 x tablespoons of honey (clear is best)


What I did:

You can either mix this salad altogether in a large mixing bowl to serve from the table or as I did (as it was just for me) I prepared it separately in the bowl. I prepared half in my lunch bowl and put half in the fridge for my work lunch tomorrow.

Firstly I put all the greens together – the salad leaves and the green beans. I cut the green beans in to small bite sized lengths with kitchen scissors.

Then I added the baby tomatoes which I had cut in half.

Next I added the beetroot and crumbled feta cheese on top, which had both been diced.

Finally I sprinkled over the pumpkin seeds.



For the dressing I literally just added all the ingredients together in a small cup and mixed well. This was then drizzled over the salad.



One portion of salad was put away in the fridge for me to to enjoy at lunch tomorrow at work! And there was enough dressing left over to put away in the fridge for another day. Perfect.



So simple and delicious! I really enjoyed my superfood salad, it was just what I needed! x 

Cuddle Fairy

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