Easter Hols Part 2 & Cornwall

The second week of the Easter holidays was even busier than the first! We had an amazing easter weekend with my boy enjoying not one, but two Easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday! Lucky boy! The first was at home where the Easter bunny apparently ‘was not a very good hider!’ And all eggs were found within about 10 minutes (we have a very small garden too!). I think my boy was sick of chocolate after about 15 minutes of eating all his chocolate eggs! But then got second wind later. The second Easter egg hunt was with all my family at my aunties house. By this time the sun had come out and it was a beautiful afternoon. My boy and his cousin had a lovely time running round together with their egg baskets!


On Easter Monday we all went up to the allotment to do some digging (there’s still so much to do). The children sat on the grass and played while hubby and I broke our backs digging (it’s bloody hard work!). After a couple of hours I headed home and cooked a lovely roast lamb, our reward for all the hard work (well, mostly hubby’s). My boy played in the garden and had a go at using his new bug catcher toy! This was a present from my mum instead of an Easter egg, which was a fantastic idea and my boy loved it. He caught a spider and had great fun looking at it through the magnifier.


Later that week we met with my mum and we took my boy to the park, where they had some new play equipment which my boy had great fun trying out! After a play we all had lunch in a lovely child friendly pub where my boy enjoyed fish and chips and my mum enjoyed her favourite tipple – double espresso with cream! And this one came with malteasers! Yum!


If anyone has read my ‘weekly happy list’ they would know that my son hosted his first sleepover. My boy and his cousin had been asking for ages if they could have a sleepover and I gave in at Easter. I was a little bit anxious about it, mainly over the sleeping arrangements, but it all went really well. We set up the blow up mattress with a duvet cover on the bottom to make it extra comfy and put it alongside my boys bed. My niece bought her own duvet and pillow to make it feel home from home. They chattered for ages, I think it was 9pm by the time they went to sleep.

At the end of the week we were lucky enough to go to cornwall for a few days. We had collected the tokens in ‘The Western Morning News’ just after christmas and booked three nights at Sea Acres Caravan Park, right down by the Lizard. We had stayed there last August and loved it so we were so pleased to be returning. We didn’t get there until late on the Friday so we spent the evening settling in to our caravan. It felt so good being back in Cornwall. On the Saturday morning we went for a walk to St Kennack Sands, the beach overlooked by the caravan park. It was a lovely sunny day and the beach was beautiful. In the afternoon we went to The Seal Sanctuary, which was only 15 minutes from where we were staying. We had been there once before with my boy when he was younger, but he was overwhelmed by it this time. I’m currently writing my review on The Seal Sanctuary so please have a read when it’s posted!



On the Sunday we went to the Lizard Point and we made the very brave decision to walk from the Lizard all the way to Kynance Cove (about a 5 mile round trip). So we put my little girl on my back in our sling (the amazing Boba 4g) and off we went. There was one point where I thought we weren’t going to make it to Kynance, as the coastal path just kept going! And my boy started to complain his legs were hurting, but we made it (just) and had our picnic sat on the bench just above the beach, as the tide was in. The walk back seemed quicker, all helped by my boy having a quick shoulder carry every now and then! When we were walking back to the car we were lucky enough to spot some seals and we watched them through the binoculars for ages. It was so wonderful and it felt great seeing them in the wild after visiting The Seal Sanctuary the previous day.



On our last morning we decided to go back to The Seal Sactuary again! We got free entry as we had one of their seven day return tickets, so that was a bonus! Again, we were lucky with the weather and we took a picnic which we enjoyed on the grass. I was so sad to be going home, we all were. I was so glad we had those few days in Cornwall together. Sometimes when we’re at home there’s always so much to do, so it was great to concentrate on spending some time together.

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