My Weekly Happy List: Week 11

1. Reading nursery rhymes to my boy. I’ve always read a bedtime story to my little boy and this week he chose his Nursery Rhyme book, which we’ve not read for ages. We read half of it last night and the other half tonight. We lay on the bed and he cuddled right in to me whilst I read all the rhymes. So lovely.


2. Seeing my little girl develop physically so quickly. My little girl is a year old next week (eek!) and has sat still most of her life so far! My boy was never a crawler either and he went straight to walking at 14 months. My girl seemed to be going the same way, she was more than happy to just sit and play with toys (a blessing some might say!) but she’s actually crawled! Well just a little bit. And she can now sit up from lying down too! She’s become so much more mobile in just the last week. Amazing how quickly they can change.

3. My little girl going to her first birthday party. My little girl was invited to her first birthday party on Saturday. It was the little boy of one of my new mummy friends whose birthday is 2 days before my little girls. But they had his party this Saturday. They hired a hall and set up lots of baby soft play areas including a ball pool. My baby girl loved it, playing with all the other babies and giggling at all the balloons and other children.


4. Enjoying more time in the garden and allotment. (Look out for my Garden & Allotment Part 2 Post coming soon!). We’ve been so busy so haven’t had enough time as we would have liked up at the allotment, but we’ve spent a couple of days up there this weekend (well, hubby mostly!). The plot is now all dug over and we’ve even planted some potato seeds.


5. Having a day at home with the children. Sometimes I just love being at home and enjoying the simple things in life. My little boy played with his batman lego and my little girl played with my boys old Mega Blocks lego. We did some baking too, making some delicious cookies (recipe will be posted soon!). The weather was gorgeous too, so we spent some time in the garden and planted our strawberry plants.




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6 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 11

  1. Lovely!! It’s been a great week to get outside, hasn’t it and I LOVE your strawberries – I wish I could get my arse in gear to do the same!!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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