Quick Blueberry Muffins Recipe


So today, I decided at the last minute I was going to bake something for pudding for our dinner. We don’t usually have puddings (other than yogurt) so this was a treat! I had about 10 mins spare (well as spare as time gets when your a parent!) so I looked in the cupboards and fridge to see what we had in. There were some blueberries to use up and I always have the ingredients for a basic sponge in the cupboard, so blueberry muffins it was! These are so good warm and fresh from the oven. The blueberries when baked in a cake go so sweet and sink in to the sponge, so yummy! These really are so quick to make and are ideal for a quick baking session with the kids or a quick pud. Tasty with double cream, ice cream or on their own! Enjoy…

Preperation time: 5-10 mins

Baking time: 15-20 mins

What I used:

4oz Self raising flour

4oz a Caster sugar

4oz butter (as always I use Stork)

2 x eggs

250g blueberries

A drop of milk

A drop of vanilla essence

What I did:

First I pre-heated the oven to 180c.

I put the self raising flour, caster sugar and butter in a large mixing bowl and added  the 2 eggs. Then I mixed it all together with a wooden spoon (you could use an electric mixer too). Then I added the milk and vanilla essence and mixed these in well.  Then I stirred in the blueberries.

Then I spooned the mixture in to the muffin cases, so they were just over half full. Then I placed them on the top shelf in the oven and baked them for approx 15 minutes.

You know when their ready as they will be golden brown on top.

We ate ours warm about 5 minutes after coming out of the oven – so delicious!




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