My Hubby’s Bucket List

Writing this for my wonderful husband Matt, so his bucket list is noted and can be looked back on in years to come.  It needed a little persuasion to get him to think about his bucket list.  He had to ask me what one was! I explained it as your dreams, the things you want to achieve before you die. Then he started thinking and although a short list, what a special bucket list he has. I hope to add to his list over time, this is just the beginning!

Become a black belt in karate. A couple of weeks ago my hubby started learning karate. A dream of his since he was a young boy but never had the opportunity to achieve as a child. He’s aiming for a black belt which will take a few years, so it’s a commitment. A commitment which will hopefully bring him lots of joy and a sense of achievement and fulfil a childhood dream. This dream has become more special in that he’s learning with our son, so they can build their confidence together.

Sky dive again. For my hubby’s 30th I secretly booked a sky dive for him in Cornwall. I knew it was a dream of his and thought his 30th birthday would be the perfect opportunity to surprise him! He had no clue when we went off to Cornwall and just thought it was a night away. Until the morning when I drove him to do his sky dive! Ever since that day he has wished to do it again.  Not great for my nerves at all having been through it once before! But it’s what he wants, it’s his dream.

Have a small holding and live a self sustaining life. My hubby should have been born a farmer. In reality that’s the life he wants and would have suited him, but isn’t living. He talks endlessly about having a small holding one day, rearing his own animals and living of the land. We’re aiming for this dream, but it’s going to take some work and some time. Who doesn’t want the good life? One day I hope we can fulfil his dream together. You never know.

Experience living in the wilderness. We’re always watching those programmes about people being left in the wildness to survive on nothing and have nothing for company than nature. Think Bear Grylls! Well that’s right up my hubby’s street! He would love nothing more than to go of in to the wilderness for his own adventure, living within nature and just surviving. I think this would be a really brave thing to do, I’m not sure I could do it!  I hope he gets the opportunity one day to experience this.

Bear tracking. This is related in a way to the above but more specific. Those who watched Gordon Buchanan on his TV show about bear tracking will know what I mean. ‘Hey bear’. Well that’s exactly what he would like to do. He actually looked in to it on the Internet recently. There’s organisations which will take you off bear tracking, like a holiday. But it’s not cheap and he would be going by himself (obviously!) so it’s not the right time now with the little ones and financially, but I’m encouraging him to consider this in the not so distant future.

Get fit and healthy. My hubby really wants to get fit and healthy for his family and for himself. He’s made great progress in the last month by giving up the cigarettes (he recently started again after 15 years!) and has moved on to the E type cigarettes. Well done hubs! His weight has been an issue for him and again he’s made great progress by starting karate, which he is intending to do twice a week. I think this is a great start and long may it continue.


What’s on your bucket list? Have you crossed any of your list yet? It’s good to have dreams and aspirations…X 


A Cornish Mum

6 thoughts on “My Hubby’s Bucket List

  1. Love this bucket list! A skydive is definitely on mine but is wished I’d done it years ago now as wouldn’t out myself at that risk with a littlun! Will have to do it in 30 years! Hope all of these get ticked off! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. What a brilliant and creative list! I have my bucket list as a draft at the mo and keep adding to it, it might be finished one day ;) I’ve been sky diving and it is amazing so I’m not surprised he wants to go again!
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix
    Stevie xx

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