My Weekly Happy List: Week 33

1.My son & hubby starting karate. So, so proud of my son starting karate! And to top it off, he’s starting with his daddy, so I’m double proud! I know it’s taken a lot of confidence for both of them to start. I think it’s lovely that they’re starting a new hobby together and hopefully will learn a new skill and build their confidence together. Well done boys!

2. Visiting Saltram House. We had a lovely afternoon at Saltram House in Plympton in Devon with our very good friends. We are trying to make use of our new National Trust passes, since we joined up a couple of months ago. We’d never visited Saltram before, even though it’s not far from us. The kids absolutely loved running around the vast grounds. Great fun for all!



3. The beginning of autumn. It’s a cliche I know, but I just love all the joys autumn brings (minus the rain, nasty bugs and colds!). I love autumn especially when it’s cold and crisp but sunny, just perfect. There’s also beautifully coloured fallen leaves, blackberry picking, digging out jeans and boots, lovely walks and you can get away with lighting the log burner!


4. Discovering pulled pork. I’ve always failed when it comes to cooking pork perfectly. It’s always too dry or stiff and just yuck. My least favourite meat for sure. Until now! Now, I’ve discovered how to cook pork in the slow cooker! It’s wonderfully succulent and juicy! So yummy cooked in BBQ sauce with stock! Yum!

5. Strictly starting! Yes I’m an avid Strictly Cime Dancing fan. I just love it. It sparks the count down to winter and Christmas and many Saturday’s full of dancing joy! My hubby just about to,erases it too!!

Lovely Things

8 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 33

  1. I love the idea of the dad and son starting karate together. My husband used to do karate for years it could be interesting to know if my daughter would like to do it too. You have lovely photos. I love Strictly too. I’m so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to follow anything this year! Lovely post. :-) x

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