My Weekly Happy List: Week 32

Been a busy bee this last couple of weeks, so am a bit behind with my happy list from last week. But here it is, better late than never as they say!

1. Celebrating my hubby’s birthday. On the afternoon of my hubby’s birthday we enjoyed celebrating just the four of us at home.  I’d baked my very special Victoria sponge as requested for the occasion! And my son enjoyed opening all his daddy’s pressies!

2. Date night. The hubby and I enjoyed a rare date night for his birthday. We do get out just the two of us occasionally! And the hubby’s birthday seemed like the ideal opportunity. We booked a table at our favourite Chinese restaurant and had a couple of drinks in the pub. It was perfect.


3. Big night out on the beach.  Every year the National Trust arrange a ‘big night out on the beach’ at one of the local beaches near us. They had organised activities on the beach for the kids, including kite making, hoopla hooping, beach coming, lantern making, etc. My son and his cousins enjoyed playing in the sea and having a picnic. We all watched the sun go down and made lanterns for the lantern parade. It really was a perfect evening. For a moment, it felt like summer again!



4. Catching up with the nephews. On Sunday we had our nephews over for a home cooked roast and to reminisce over some old photos. We used to look after them a lot when they were younger, but don’t see them that often these days, so it was nice to spend some time with them.

5. Rediscovering the joy of toddler groups! I have Friday mornings free again, so I can take my daughter to the toddler group in our village. It’s really convenient as its up at the school, so I drop my son off and head straight there. It’s so lovely getting to go to a toddler group again, drink coffee and catch up with everyone whilst my daughter plays. Makes my day off even better!

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6 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 32

  1. Oh how lovely to have Fridays free and be able to take your toddler to fun group activities. I wish there were more groups on weekends so I could take my little heh. I’d love for you to link this up to my #GratitudeGoals linky.

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  2. Having a happy list is such a wonderful idea! It´s so easy to forget all the great things that happen to you and not cling to those that weren´t so great! #twinklyTuesday

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