My Weekly Happy List: Week 31

1. Enjoying a Saturday brunch. The hubby took Saturday off last week, which was a lovely treat as he usually works Saturday’s. After my sons swimming lesson we went for a delicious brunch in town. We so rarely have a cooked breakfast and my son really enjoyed it.


2. The boys starting karate. We were really pleased to find out a karate club was starting right here in the village. My hubby thought it would be lovely if he took our son and learned together and we thought it would be great for my sons confidence. They really enjoyed their first session and came home buzzing with energy.

3. My sons first spelling test. I couldn’t believe it when my son came home with his first spellings to learn! I think I was more scared than him! We’ve been trying to get in to a homework routine and incorporated spellings and reading in to a 10 minute a day session.  When it came to the day of the spelling test he did really well and achieved 4/6!

4. A walk, beach and blackberry picking. We had a lovely weekend with lots of time outdoors with family.  We met my hubby’s sister and children on the beach and all the kids messed around and played for an hour or so. On the Sunday afternoon we went for a woodland walk and picked lots of blackberries!



  1. 5. My son getting his first ‘star of the day‘. I was so proud of my son getting his first ‘star of the day’ in Class 1. He got awarded his star of the day for good reading and writing. So proud!



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