Back to School Feelings

So today was the day my boy returned to school after 6 not so long weeks.  Like almost everybody in the country we had the obligatory first day back at school photo.  Which of course was then posted on Facebook (and Twitter, Instagram…) This will no doubt be the only school day in the year that I’ll be up early preening his uniform! When everything looks perfect, tshirt crisp and white, shoes black and shiny! And a lovely excited child, just dying to get out the door!


As predicted, the kids slept later than nearly every morning of the school holidays. Yesterday it was 5.45am and today it was 7.45am – yes, not one but two hours later! I had set my alarm, knowing this, for 7.30am, so I was showered and dressed just as they got up.  I’d organised all my sons school bag and PE kit the night before and there it hung all ready to go, as we came down stairs.  The uniform had another once over with the iron whilst the kids had breakfast. I just love getting my son ready for school. I’m dreading going back to work next week as I won’t be doing this for most of the week!

During the last few days I have been feeling anxious. Nervous for my son moving up to Class 1, and sad that the school holidays are ending.  My son returning to school, also marks my return to work of course, after 3 lovely long weeks with my kids. Heaven! We’ve had an amazing time, doing some amazing things, creating some amazing memories.  We had a fantastic time camping (despite the weather) and the last couple of weeks have been busy with beach trips, zoo trips and picnics.  I’m going to miss them so much. So the day I had been dreading was here.

It was so strange today at home, just me and my daughter, so so quiet.  My son brings so much life to our house! I just had to go out, so I took my daughter in to town, to do some errands and it kept us busy for a couple of hours.  Back home, my daughter napped and I caught up on the housework (boring). If my son had been here we would have been off out somewhere having fun.  I know he needed to go back and we needed to get back in to the usual routine, but it’s so hard! Am I the only one who didn’t want the school holidays to end??!

When I dropped him off he’d looked all excited to see his friends and jumped straight in with looking at books and finding somewhere to sit with his mates. I was reluctant to leave him, it was hard to walk away, and I felt quite emotional and sad. I didn’t cry, but nearly! And after all the organising, I still forgot to take his PE kit! (Rubbish mummy!) so I’ll have to try and remember that tomorrow!

I’m so proud of my boy. Although he was excited about going back and seeing his friends, I know he was feeling a little anxious.  There’d been tears over something silly at school, which I know wouldn’t have normally happened and we’d had tears when I picked him up over something really minor. Really unlike him, but I think he was just overwhelmed. Class 1 is very different to Reception. At his school they mix class 1 with year 1 (his year) and year 2 and I think it must be a bit daunting being with the older kids. There also twice as many of them. He was only one of 8 in his Reception class, but now there’s nearly 20. I realise this isn’t a huge class size compared to the average, but his school is a very small village primary school with a total if only 65 pupils in the whole school.  I’m sure by next week he’ll be fine and in to the swing if things.  May be I will be too?!

My sons growing up so fast and it really is bitter sweet. I love watching him grow and develop. Learning every day, getting taller, more handsome, asking questions, becoming more independant. But it’s just going too fast, way too fast.

For now, I’m counting the days until half term and cooking up some more family hols!

How did you feel about your child going back to school? Or starting for the very first time? Were you glad the holidays were over? Or sad like me?! 

Jess x



10 thoughts on “Back to School Feelings

  1. Ah, you had so many of the same feelings I had with school starting back up. It’s the mark of a great summer when you don’t want it to end! So many people are delighted for the kids to go back to school. I missed mine so much this past week. Your son looks so cute in his uniform! I’m glad you aren’t getting up at 5:45 everyday, that’s very early! #justanotherlinky x

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  2. I’m sad that the holidays are over too! I wish had done more things during the holidays! But trust me, it will fly by now!!
    Can I just say, what an adorable photos! He is so gorgeous! xx

    Thanks so much for linking up with #justanotherlinky

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