Blackberry & Rhubarb Crumble with crunchy Muesli topping

Today, I made this impromptu crumble for our dinner.  We don’t normally have home made puds  during the week! But I’m currently off work and feeling particularly domesticated! My hubby came back from the allotment with some home grown rhubarb and we still had some of last years blackberries to use up, so we had the perfect ingredients! Crumbles are super quick and easy to make and perfect for all sorts of berries and fruits. I just love a super crunchy crumble topping and adding muesli to a basic crumble topping is a superb way to achieve this.

This recipe makes a smallish crumble, enough for 4 people. Double the mixture for an extra large crumble!

Time to prepare: 20-30 mins

Time to cook: 20-25 mins

What I used:

For the fruit filling:

4 x large sticks of rhubarb

A couple of large handfuls of blackberries (as many as you want really)

For the Crumble topping:

4oz plain flour

1.5oz butter

1.5oz caster sugar

A very generous bowlful of muesli (I used Tesco Fruit & Nut Muesli)

What I did:

Pre-heat the oven to 200c

Firstly, I washed, stripped/peeled and chopped the rhubarb into small chunks and cooked it in a saucepan on a medium heat for approx 15 mins.  Don’t over cook them, I think it’s nice to retain some of their shape and texture, so just cook until they are softened – so you can stick a knife through the chunks easily.



Whilst the rhubarb was cooking, I made the crumble topping.  I did this by rubbing the butter and flour together in a large mixing bowl, until all fine and ‘crumbly’.  Then I mixed in the caster sugar and muesli, simple!!




When the rhubarb was cooked, I added this to the dish and sprinkled the blackberries on top.  The blackberries don’t need cooking first, just pop them straight in. Lastly, sprinkle a generous amount if crumble topping on top (arguably the best bit!).


Cook in the oven, on the top shelf for approx 20-25 mins, until golden brown on top and all bubbly at the sides.




Serve hot – I like mine with double cream!

My son thought it was funny sticking his action figure in front of the camera when I took a picture of the crumble in the bowl! Obviously not included in the recipe!!


jess x

Cuddle Fairy


Gym Bunny Mummy

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