My Weekly Happy List: Week 27 & 28

I’ve joined up the last couple of weeks for this happy list posting as it’s been super busy and we’ve been away.  We’ve had so many happy moments over the last couple of weeks, mainly centred around our week away camping in Cornwall.  I’ve captured some of my favourite happy moments below:

1. Discovering the highs and lows of camping.  This has been our first camping experience (other than the odd night) and it truly was an eye opener! Despite the rain I’m not put off doing it again and it’s great as a cheaper option to get away during the school holidays.  If you can put up with living in a small space and sharing toilets for a short while, you’ll be fine!


2. The kids being cute together.  The absolute highlight of our week away was seeing my kids and our friends kids having so much fun together.  They got on so well, had lots of hugs, played all day long and didn’t care about the rain.  It was a sad moment when they were parted.


3. Enjoying the outdoors.  I loved living in a tent when the weather was kind to us.  One of the great things about camping, is the amount of time you spend outside.  On the sunny days we enjoyed sitting outside having our morning coffee as the sun came up and star gazing at night with a glass of prosecco.


4. Having quality family time.  Because the hubby is self employed and has to live and breathe his business 24/7, we have to physically go away to switch off and have some proper quality family time.  We knew we couldn’t afford to do much this summer, so camping was perfect for us.  To get time away from it all and be together is so important and worth it, even if it is camping!

5. Spending time with my dear friend.  We don’t see each other as often as we’d like and when we get together it’s like we’ve never been apart! We always have such a laugh when we’re together.  I really wish we lived closer to each other so we could see each other more.  I loved being on holiday with my best mate and we shared many of the same camping highs and lows! And kept each other sane!



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