My blogging goals for September 2015

I last set myself some blogging goals back in May, so this was well over due and I’m feeling fired up to do well in September! Especially as it will be one year since starting my blogging journey! I find that by setting myself some goals I can capture what I want to achieve, large and small, in a way that can be recorded and celebrate my blogging achievements in a positive way! I’m not putting too much pressure on myself, but do feel that by writing this, I’m giving my self a little push this next month to do some of the things I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  I know that if I don’t end up achieving all my goals I wont lose sleep and I’ll just make sure I achieve that goal sometime in the future!  Im being realistic and ambitious at the same time!

1. Run my first competition.  This is a goal that has been carried over from my May blogging goals. I have two competitions in mind so I’ll plan to do at least one in September and one in October.

2. Tidy up my home page, menus and sidebar. I’ve just switched themes, which I had been playing around with for weeks and weeks.  But it all needs tidying up to look more professional and orderly. im always willing to hear people’s tips on improving the look of a blog site!!

3. Increase my Tots100 ranking to within the top 1000.  I was really pleased to have climbed 116 places to 1271 in August as I had dropped a few places in July. It’s such a great feeling when you improve your rankings!

4. Launch my Facebook page.  This has been on the ‘to do list’ for ages. My worry with this has been keeping my personal Facebook page separate from my blogging Facebook page.  I really want to keep the two separate but not sure I can.  Any tips out there??

5. Increase my social media following, including: Reach 2000 followers on Twitter, 100 followers on Pinterest, 200 followers on Instagram.

6. Double my followers on my blog site.  200 would be amazing! Please come and join me so I can reach my goal!!

7. Average 200 visitors to the blog each week.  I’m close to this actually, but want to make sure I reach a consistent and regular number of visitors.  This is important for the success of my blog.

8. Write a ‘Work with me’ section. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages (another one!) as I really want people to see that I want to work as a blogger and reviewer.  I want people to know I do mean business!

9. Keep climbing the Parent Blogger Club Leaderboard.  I’m currently 299 and wound love to be within the top 200 soon.  If I can just keep going in the right direction that would be a start!

10. Try and establish a bit more of a routine, with my writing, reviewing, commenting, linkys, etc. I brought myself a blogging notebook a while ago but what I think I need is a blogging diary! Any recommendations/ideas?


What are your blogging goals this month? and what have been your blogging achievements? 

Jess x

You Baby Me Mummy
A Cornish Mum

6 thoughts on “My blogging goals for September 2015

  1. You definitely can have total separation between your personal FB profile and your blog one. It’s easy. Just download the “Pages” app and it’ll talk you through it. x


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  2. Hope you’re getting on well with these? Sorry it’s taken me ages to get over here for #TenThings the time seems to be running away form me! For Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest the best way to grow them is to not wait for people to come to you, follow every blogger you can find on them as bloggers tend to follow other bloggers back :)
    Also if you don’t have it already download the Crowdfire app, you can use it to see who unfollows you or doesn’t follow you back on Twitter and Instagram, it’s brilliant.
    I get great satisfaction from unfollowing the ones who only follow me for a follow back and then unfollow ;) Your blog is looking lovely at the moment by the way so you must have had that clean up you were talking about ;) If I think of any more tips I’ll DM you on twitter or somewhere lovely
    Stevie xx

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    1. Thank you Stevie, I expect you are super busy, so don’t worry, I appreciate you reading and commenting. Those are great tips, thank you, I don’t have that app so I’ll look at that. I’m glad you think the blog looks better, I have had a bit of a revamp, but still can’t figure out how to have my follow button in my about age! Some things will always beat me! It’s always a work in progress…! Thanks you for taking the time to look and advise lovely xxx


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