6 Things I do to irritate my other half

Thank you for the tag Kirsty from Something Crunchy Mummy! What a fun tag! I enjoyed writing this!  I think there’s probably more than six, but six is enough for now!

Heres my six things that irritate the hubby:

1. Wanting everything done like yesterday! Yes, I have zero patience! Poor hubs, I’m always on his back to crack on with those urgent jobs and errands! Because they’re always urgent!

2. Being a back seat driver. I just can’t help myself, it just comes out my mouth. But I’m pretty sure he does this to me too, so we’re even!

3. Putting things away before he’s finished with them. I can’t stand clutter especially if things are being left out when they could be away in their place. Only problem is, I’m always putting the butter away before he’s even had a chance to use it!

4. Always on my iPad or iPhone. Mainly taking photos or blogging! Think he’s used to it now but the conversation can be pretty quiet some evenings!

5. Always having to have the last say. I try to stop myself but I just have to have the last say and I’m also always right too of course!

6. Disturbing his TV viewing. Normally by either asking him to do something (point 1.) or asking questions about the TV programme because I’ve been on the iPad (point 4.) !!


Blimey, this post makes me sound a right pain! just realised how much my hubby puts up with! Love him xxx

And here’s who I’m tagging to do it next if they’re up for it!

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