My Fashion Pick: Pink Ballet Style Shoes from Next

This is going to be a new regular blog post for me and I have been very excited about starting it! The idea is that every month I pick one or two fashion items in my closet as my favourite that month, be it old or new and feature it on my blog and write a review post about it.  I’ve been wanting to write some fashion reviews for a while, particularly in relation to my work style as I’m always thinking about how I can change things and mix things up a bit.  The idea is simple and hopefully a bit of fun!!

To kick start things this month I’m featuring these gorgeous pink pumps that I bought from Next last week, on a bit of a whim, but a good whim!

My Fashion Pick this month 

Gorgeous Pink Ballet Pumps from Next.


As is usual for me, I wasn’t out to buy new shoes, but when I saw these I just couldn’t resist! (oops!) I actually went shopping for a christening outfit for my nephews christening and bought a gorgeous trouser and blouse combo. But whilst I was browsing I came across these beauts! Oh dear, the danger of browsing…! The colour caught my eye straight away and I thought what a beautiful colour they were and I started rummaging for my size. Before I found my size I noticed they had the same shoes in black and started looking at these.  But I couldn’t help but be drawn back to the bright pink! Be brave, be different, I thought! So I tried a pair of the bright pink ones (Thankfully they had my size!) and they just looked so cute I had to get them!

I normally wear heels every day for work and I’d been thinking about purchasing some smart flats as an alternative for a while.  I wasn’t out to get pink (or shoes at all for that matter!) but these are such a gorgeous colour and black would have been so boring!  I think wearing flats instead of heels is a good way to change things.  I also have a couple of pairs of smart trousers that are too short to wear with any of my heels, so I was so pleased to dig them out again now I have my new flats that go perfectly with their length!




The striking colour actually goes with more than you think.  The first day I wore them to work I wore them with navy blue and the day after black and they looked great with both.  This colour would also go well with grey (as my nice rug demonstrates nicely in the photos!).  So these are actually more versatile than you would expect.  And a great change from black!  I wore them with trousers one day and a skirt the next and they looked great with both.

For the couple of days I wore them to work, I was perfectly comfortable.  They have not rubbed my feet at all and have been comfortable throughout my days – including the long commute in the car and lots of walking around at work.  I’ve been doing 12 hour days and these have been very kind to my feet.  I quite often take a pair of flip flops in the car so I have something  comfy to drive in after a long day in heels, but didn’t need to the days I wore these.

Ive had so many people commenting on my new pink shoes!

‘Love your pink shoes Jess’

‘aren’t your shoes gorgeous?!’

‘Lovely, a touch of decadence’

They have been drawing lots of attention to my feet!  In fact, people missed them and noticed when I switched back to one of my usual pairs of shoes!

I love my new pair of pink ballet shoes!  One of those unplanned purchases, which end up being the best!

Cost: £22

Brand: Next

Available right now in store or via the Next website



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