My Weekly Happy List: Week 24

1. Schools out! Of course number one from the last week, just has to be my son finishing school for the summer! Woohoo! We’ve got lots of fun things planned and I’ve got 3 weeks off work in a couple of weeks to enjoy the summer break with him.


2. Booking our family holiday.  Weve booked to go away camping for one week with our friends and their children. My son is soooo excited! We’ve never been camping for a whole week before, so this will be a new experience for us.  I just hope the weather is kind to us!

3. Enjoying the carnival and fair.  During the first week of the summer holidays, the fair came to town and on the saturday there was a summer carnival.  We met my sister in law and children and took them on some of the fair rides and watched the carnival. My son loved thr aeroplane ride and watching the carnival, especially when the fire engine passed!


4. Baking with the kids. Baking features regularly in my weekly happy lists. This week I made a new recipe ‘chocolate chip muffins with Galaxy frosting’ and they were absolutely amazing! You can find the recipe on my blog.


5. Enjoying a break in the weather.  We’ve had a few awful days of miserable rain this last week. It actually felt like wet autumn! But we have managed to get out inbetween the rain when the sun has appeared.  This included the kids enjoying an impromptu picnic outside which was fun.





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