10 Things…that changed when I became a Mummy

1. My career became less important.

For as long as I can remember pre kids, life was all about my job and career. I was so eager to climb the ladder as quickly as possible and nothing else really mattered.  Until I had kids.  I remember putting off having a family, as I was scared my career would be over and I wasn’t a naturally maternal person. God I sound awful! Then overnight I changed, I suddenly wanted to try for a baby and once that decision was made, my life and priorities changed forever.  I still have to work, but I definitely work to live!


2. I became very maternal, broody and emotional.

I was never that bothered about having a family, until I turned 30 and then everything changed. As soon as I got pregnant with my son when I was 30 everything changed, I changed. I’m so mumsy now it’s unbelievable. Since having my son I’ve become more and more mumsy and broody. I’ll coo over any baby now, whereas before babies never bothered me. Im just constantly broody now! I’m so sensitive and emotional now too.  I was quite hard faced before kids and now I’ll shed a tear at the slightest thing.  Becoming a mum has changed me completely, for the better.


3. My house is cleaner.

I never really bothered about the house, until I had kids.  Suddenly I became house proud and wanted everything tidy and clean! Now I’m the other extreme, scrubbing the floor at all hours, hoovering after the kids have gone to bed, etc. I’m a bit OCD at times!  I like things to be in their place and have everything just so.  In fact, I get really stressed out if the house isn’t organised how I like it and I know where to find things.  My poor hubby!

4. My money is spent on the kids.

We must have been well off before kids! More or less everything goes on them now. Gone are the frequent nights out and annual holidays abroad just lying by the pool.  Now, it’s school shoes, nappies, zoo passes, etc. and if I do get to spend some on myself, I only feel guilty for doing so!  Kids are very expensive too, there’s always something they need, it seems.  I’ve got a feeling it’s only going to get more expensive as they get older too!

5. Time at home is more important.

My favourite times are when we’re all home together.  They don’t happen that often, but when they do its special.  You can’t beat just pottering around at home with the kids.  Home is where the heart is, is so true. We go out a lot at the weekends, but it’s so nice returning to our cosy home and settling in all together.


6. I feel guilty all the time.

Im sure this is common, but I do feel guilty all the time! And I’m very unforgiving of myself too. The very fact that my son goes to after school club makes me feel guilty, my daughter going to nursery makes me fell guilty, if I don’t cook a home cooked meal, guilty, etc…I’m just guilty of everything, all the time!

7. I worry all the time.

Im sure every parent feels the same, but I’ve never worried as much as I do now.  I seriously worry 24/7. I’ve forgotten what it’s like not to worry! It’s especially bad if I’m not with the kids, I’m constantly thinking about what they are doing and what might happen to them. I’m happiest when they’re safe at home with me, so I know where they are and what they’re doing! Too much?! Just imagine what I’m going to be like when their teenagers!

I also worry that I’m not doing a good enough job as a mummy.


8. I take lots of photos.

I took lots of photos before, but I seriously take a lot of photos now! I’m always the one behind the camera, capturing every moment of my children’s lives. My iPhone and iPad are my best friends, always close to hand, ready for any moment!

9. I’m closer to my mum, brother and sister.

As soon as my mum became a nanny, my brother became an uncle and my sister became an auntie, we all became much closer.  We’d had quite separate lives before, but having a child brought our family closer together. It’s amazing how a baby can do that.  My sister had her first child six months after my first, so they are super close as they’ve grown up together.  Our recent additions are only 10 days apart so are very close in age.  It’s lovely having them close together and I hope they stay good friends.  We quite often descend on my mums and brothers house with all the kids and it’s lovely.

10. I know what Love really is.

I’m so in love with my children, I had no idea how strong love could feel until having my babies in my life. I feel overwhelmingly protective over my children and to me they are the most beautiful beings on earth. I have no idea what my purpose was before I became a mummy.  It’s the most privileged and rewarding job in the world.



A Cornish Mum

4 thoughts on “10 Things…that changed when I became a Mummy

  1. What a gorgeous post and some really lovely photos. It’s crazy how much having children changes you and your life, and I wouldn’t take back a second of it :) Thanks for linking up to #TenThings hon, I love a happy post!
    Stevie xx

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