My Weekly Happy List: Week 23

1. My health spa trip! As you may already know from my blog, I was lucky enough to go away to Cedar Falls Health Spa in Taunton at the weekend with a few girl friends. It was a special treat that I had saved hard for.  Cedar Falls is an amazing place, completely peaceful and relaxing.  You can read more about my trip and review of Cedar a Falls in my post about it.


2. Kisses from my daughter. My daughter has been super cute giving out kisses this week.  She can properly pucker and make a kiss noise now! My son gets way more kisses from her than the hubby and I, it’s so cute!

3. My son telling me I’m beautiful. My son comes out with some super sweet things and tells me often that he loves me.  When I spoke to him on the phone to say goodnight when I was away, he said to me ‘your so beautiful mummy, I love you so much’. Heart melted.


4. Catching up with my best friends. It was fab spending some overdue quality time with two of my best friends over the weekend (and over some wine!).  We did not stop talking the whole trip. A bunch of true chatter boxes. I miss them so much.  We don’t live that near to each other so we don’t get together as often as I would like. It was so special being all together for a short time.


5. My son having some extra time off school. I realise to some parents it would be an utter nightmare, but having the school closed unexpectedly for two days last week, was a joy.  I am lucky enough to take paid leave for emergency childcare so was able to take the day off to be with my son and I had the second day off anyway.  Extra time with my boy is always a bonus!

You Baby Me Mummy

20 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 23

  1. Oh wow, there’s a whole lotta happy in this post – I love it! :D

    I am incredibly jealous of your spa trip – looks like you had a great time.

    Your little ‘uns sound utterly adorable – proper kisses AND being told your beautiful. Nowt better. :)


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  2. I love the dinosaur wallpaper and bedding! My little girl gives big sloppy kisses now, it’s so cute but she just dives at me with her mouth wide open! #myweekataglance

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  3. I agree with Kiri on the wallpaper and bedding. My son is obsessed by dinosaurs. He wakes at 5.30 every morning and all I hear are roaring noises. I can only assume he is waiting for his dinosaur teddies to roar back! It’s good to get some me time isn’t it. Very jealous of you. Nothing better than kisses, cuddle and compliments, especially off your children. Very cute. Have a good week x #myweekataglance

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  4. I love this! How adorable that he said you are beautiful, I love when kids say stuff like that. Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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