Love my bathroom…in pictures

One of the first rooms we redecorated when we brought our house 7 years ago was the bathroom.  It had one of those peachy pink 70’s style bathroom suites.  Sorry, no pictures as this was way before I blogged or owned an iPhone ! But it looked a bit like this…


Lush, huh? Not! I hated it and couldn’t wait to rip it all out and start again.

From the outset I wanted a plain white bathroom suite.  Clean, simple and fresh.  When we went looking for tiles for the walls and floor I immediately fell in love with some black tiles for the floor and grey for the walls.  Completely not pre planned, just what I liked and looked fab against the White.  So that was our colour scheme sorted, white, black and grey. We do have some flashes of bright too.  For example my turquoise bath mat – you can see the corner of it in the tile picture below.

I remember being so inpatient, as soon as work started I wanted it finished, like yesterday! My poor hubby put up with a lot of nagging! But it seemed to take forever and I couldn’t wait for my new bathroom to be finished! It was so exciting buying our first home and doing it up (despite the strict budget!).

Heres some photos of the bathroom now.

This is our shower curtain that matches perfectly with our colour scheme, such a fab find, thank you Tescos!


This is one of our storage baskets, where I keep my makeup, shampoo, etc. really handy to neatly store things away in between usage and pretty too. We’ve got two of these, matching in different sizes and got them from The Range. They were super value for money too.


These are my lovely bathroom tiles, the black are the floor tiles and they grey are the wall tiles. Both were brought from Trago Mills. I love the grey and black together with the marble effect too, for a slightly softer look.



This is a photo of my bathroom sink/basin and my wonderful built in storage. I couldn’t live without my built in storage units! We have a tiny bathroom so we had to be clever about storage solutions and these were the only real option.  It’s amazing what you can fit in them too!


One of my favourite pieces in our bathroom is this vase surrounded by beach pebbles. The vase was from Rhodes when we went there on holiday years and years ago. The pebbles are from the beach just 10 minutes from us, collected by us. The colours of the vase and pebbles go perfectly with our bathroom colour scheme so I arranged them together on the bathroom window sill.


Hope you enjoyed my pictures from my bathroom! I’m obviously completely biased but I love my bathroom!

What’s your bathroom like? What do you love about it and what would you change?

Jess xxx

Home Etc

8 thoughts on “Love my bathroom…in pictures

  1. Oh it’s lovely – what a fab change! That peach was rather awful wasn’t it ha ha! My parents had green. Yuk! That vase is just stunning, and looks fab in there. I bet you love going in there now :) Thanks for linking up – much appreciated. Jess x #HomeEtc

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