My Weekly Happy List: Week 22

1. Watching my son sing and dance at the school fete. I hadn’t realised the school had been rehearsing a song to perform at the fete, so it was a real surprise. My son stood in the front row and as soon as the music started he wiggled his hips from side to side.  He over emphasised all the actions and got so in to the music.  I was so happy I was there to watch him and was so proud of him. I shed a little tear of happiness.

2. Eating Al Fresco. We’ve taken the opportunity this week to eat outside as much as possible whilst the weathers been good.  There’s something extra special about eating outside, like your on holiday or something.


3. Spending extra time at home. I worked a day from home this week, which meant I was around to do the school runs and breakfast. It’s so nice being around for the kids more, even if I have to work.  I get so much pleasure from making them breakfast and getting dressed, it’s such a treat getting to do that an extra day.

4. Going to the cinema. It was miserable on Sunday, so I decided to take my son to see The Minions.  We left daddy at home with the little lady and had some quality mummy and son time.  He’s been wanting to see The Minions since it came out, so he was chuffed to bits.  It’s always nice to do something with just the two of us.

5. Going for tea & teacakes. To kill some time before my sons hair appointment we nipped in to a cafe for a bite to eat.  The kids were so well behaved, happily eating their teacakes and playing in the cafes toy corner. I even managed to drink a cup of tea without any complaints or having to rush! Wish it was like that every time!

6. Haircuts. My kids were truly model children in the hairdressers.  My son was so good sitting still whilst he had his hair cut. He looked such a grown up boy afterwards! My daughter had been watching the whole time so the hairdresser suggested we gave get a go in the chair.  She’s always had really thick hair and a heavy long fringe and when we’ve tried to trim her fringe at home she always had a paddy and screamed the house down! However, she was so happy to sit in the hairdressers chair, the hairdresser was able to give her fringe a little trim! And she was all smiles throughout!



11 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 22

  1. Oh your son is soooo cute getting his haircut!! It’s crazy how grown up they look after though! It takes the babiness away! I love eating outside too :)

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  2. Looks like it was the week for haircuts as mine had his done last week as well. I will swap you mine for your well behaved two any day. He HATES it. Reading about watching him dancing brought a tear to my eye! I bet you were bursting with pride. One of those moments that will just never leave you. :-) #myweekataglance

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  3. What a lovely week! I’m jealous of your outdoor meals (we live in a flat, so don’t have the outdoor space). The photo at the hairdresser’s is adorable. Thanks for joining #myweekataglance!

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