My Weekly Happy List 6/7/15

1. Running 9K on Sunday. It was s lovely sunny evening on Sunday so I put my running gear on and off I went.  For some reason I took the turning for the long route which I’ve not done for years and to my amazement I made it all the way round!  So pleased.

2. Spending some time on the beach. We managed to squeeze in a couple of hours on the beach this weekend.  It was a bit windy but we enjoyed fish and chips and an ice cream right on the beach. This is a picture I took from where we sat.


3. My daughter jumping in the paddling pool fully clothed! Nursery told me my little girl loves the paddling pool.  Well, when she saw ours there was no stopping her.  Off she went and stepped straight in and sat down fully clothed! As soon as she realised how cold it was she started crying! (I think nursery must put warm water in theirs!). I took this picture just before she realised how cold it was!


4. My daughter walking some more. She’s sussing it and walking on her own a lot now.  As she’s got more confident she’s walked a little further.  Still only a few steps at a time, but it’s so cute watching her grow in confidence every day.

5. My son doing a roly poly. Sounds simple I know, but my son who is 5 years old has tried like forever to do a roly poly! Eventually this weekend he managed it, like a pro! All thanks to gym club! He really was so chuffed to show us that At long last he could do it!

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18 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List 6/7/15

  1. What a lovely week. I found myself going “ahhhh”. Some gorgeous memories have been made and it’s good they have been recorded here. My little one jumped in his pool fully dressed. He came out double the weight he went in because his nappy absorbed most of the water in the pool! Have a good week. 10k next time….???? #myweekataglance

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  2. 9k well done! and I had a smile at your daughter jumping in the paddling pool. My son was like that when he was younger and did that in the pool on holiday – thankfully as we never left him near the pool unattended we were able to scoop him out quickly!

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  3. What a great weekly happy list! Great job on the running, enjoying the beach, and your kids being adorable :) Ooh, how cool we have the same theme :) Take care! Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to have you link this up for our Gratitude and Goals linky :)

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  4. That photo of the beach is gorgeous and I love the piccy of your daughter in the paddling pool. You can almost see her about to realise how cold the water is! Well done to your little boy for his roly poly and well done to you for doing the 9k – I don’t think I could do either of those things right now. :-) Thanks for joining #myweekataglance

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