Garden Update 2/7/15

The back garden has been doing lovely in recent weeks.  The fruit has really come on really well with our first crop of strawberries coming last week, which the kids are really enjoying!


The apple tree has lots of little apples growing now.  Every day my son takes me out there to show me them.  He’s so excited! I still can’t believe we are going to get apples in our first year.


The blueberry plant is also doing well with lots of blueberries appearing, all be it green right now.  I can see we are going to get a good amount of berries which is exciting.


To finish it off we have some gorgeous outdoor bunting made from oil cloth, that my clever friend made me.  We’ve yet to put it up but hopefully soon!

Meanwhile, the front garden is suffering a bit, which is a shame given its the first thing people see!  We have made a start but it is very slow progress right now because we are all so busy.  Last weekend my hubby was lucky enough to be given some gravel which we have used to fill a ditch under a window.  We are hoping to get some more, so we can fill one of the flower beds at the side of our path.  This flower bed never gets any sun due to its position so it’s hard growing anything there.  My hubby is hoping to get some more ground sheeting to put underneath the gravel to stop the weeds coming through.  Once he’s got that laid, we can pour the gravel in, hopefully saving the one plant I do have doing quite well there.

This is the newly gravelled bit under our window and the bed I’ve started to dig over! As you can see I’ve got a lot to do!


My lovely mum and aunty gave us some perennial plants weeks ago and we haven’t had time to plant them as of yet.  Thankfully they’re still ok in their pots (just).  I’m planning to plant these this weekend in the flower bed which lies in front of the newly gravelled ditch (above).  I have no idea what these perennials are (!) but hopefully we will have some flowers to brighten it all up.

At the end of spring we knocked down the garden fence and replaced it with a line of hedge plants.  These seem to have established themselves now and are looking really healthy.

Finally I want to get another flower pot to put out by the front door, which I can fill with lots of colourful flowers to brighten up our entrance.  This will probably be a task in a eeek or so time after I gave planted the perennials.

I can’t wait to continue making the front garden look better and hope the hubby and I have time to do what we plan to this weekend.  You know what it’s like with kids and life in general, you never know what will crop up! Fingers crossed though and I’ll keep you posted with our progress!

Do you have a garden? Does your garden need any work? What are you planning for your garden this summer?

Jess x

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4 thoughts on “Garden Update 2/7/15

  1. You should have a bounty of blueberries soon, to go with your strawberries which look delicious. I’ve taken a cutting from my blueberry plant (my third attempt) in the hope of growing another bush.

    Have you thought of growing some ferns in your shady flower bed?


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