My Weekly Happy List: Week 21

1. Having a chilled out Sunday. It was nice spending a lot of time at home this Sunday. We had a late breakfast and just pottered around doing bits and bobs and playing with the kiddies.  The day was finished off with a lovely family roast dinner!

2. Family picnic in the park. I met my sister and her kids at the weekend for a picnic in the sunshine.  The kids loved running around and playing together amongst all the trees!


3. Working from home. It was lovely having a day working from home last week.  It meant I had an extra day doing the morning routine with the kiddies and doing the school run.  I just love it.

4. Our daughter taking a few steps. At last my daughter took her first independent steps! But she still hasnt quite clicked yet, so she’s not running around yet! I’m sure it will come though and then they’ll be fun!


5. My sons first school report. We received my sons first school report last week.  I was so proud! I can’t believe he’s almost finished his first year at primary and will be moving from reception to class one in September! Scary!





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