How do pale mummas tan? Product Review

I don’t think I care as much about getting a tan now as I did when I was younger.  Mainly because I’m a mum oŵf two and hey let’s face it, there’s just more important things in life! But there’s no denying we feel better for having a bit of colour and there’s a kinda good feeling about it, isn’t there? Why is it, we will spend hours and hours of time trying to tan?! Is it a sign of beauty? Is it a sign of happiness? Of health? Who knows.

Now I’m not fortunate enough to have that kind of skin that just goes brown.  Unlike my husband who has the most gorgeous of olive skins and only has to step outside to start glowing with a tan.  Not me, I’m the one who has to wear factor 30 or I’m burning bright pink! Not that I’m jealous of course.  I think my son has my hubby’s skin, the lucky thing, but my daughter I think is stuck with mine.  I will tell her it’s beautiful (like my mum said to me) but I expect she’ll fight against it and want to tan ( just like I did).

My tanning history

All my young adult life I strived to get the perfect brown tan.  I tried all means of fake tan, tanning gel, tinted moisturiser, etc.  you name it, I tried it! I even went through a stage of using sun showers (sun beds).  Yes, I know, bad huh?! At one point I did have a decent tan, but blimey it took some time and commitment!

Now I’m not one to preach, but seriously, sun showers and sun beds are SO BAD for you.  I really cringe at myself for using them and really regret it now.  However, there was no telling me back then, all I wanted was a tan and I didn’t care how.

Hours I spent exfoliating, moisturising, applying tan and washing off. Repeated. A few times a week.  It really takes time and dedication. And the smell, blimey fake tan stinks!

I don’t think those adverts help.  You know, the ones where those long legged models parade their beautifully bronzed and bikini clad bodies?! Who wouldn’t want to look like that I ask?!

I was always a sun worshiper pre kids.  As soon as the sun was out, I was out too, in my bikini, sun creamed up (a lower factor than it should have been) and ready to tan.  We had lots of holidays abroad pre kids (she sighs) where the hubby and I would just lie in the sun (she sighs again).  Even from being abroad for 2 weeks I was borderline tanned, sometimes people didn’t even know I’d been abroad!  I was in denial that I was destined to be pale.  Your an English rose, my mother in law said.

I think I’ve at last accepted I’m never going to have that beautiful sun kissed tanned skin.  Nope, not me.  Ok, so it’s slightly forced on me by the fact I’m a mum, and frankly I don’t have time to lie around in the sun anymore or spend hours fake tanning!

My product recommendations 

Although I’ve accepted I’m an English rose , if I do feel like I need a little uplift by having a bit of colour, here’s my two best buys for a stress free and super quick subtle glow.

Dove Summer Glow Nouushing Lotion.  £5.25 for 250ml – half price from Boots right now at £2.62.  Be brave and buy the medium to dark one.  Even if your pale the dark one is ok and will give you a bit of colour after just the one application.  It’s super quick and easy as you can apply more or less straight from the shower.  Apply the same as you would any other moisturiser.  Don’t forget to wash your hands though! I normally apply first thing in the morning and it develops over time.  It’s very subtle, so perfect just for a slight glow.  You can build the colour up if you want by reapplying several days in a row.  But it can start to smell and look a bit fake so don’t over do it.  It looks perfectly natural if you use every now and then.


Garnier Ambre Solair No Streaks Natural Bronzer (Gel).  £10.69 – save a 1/3 at Boots right now at £7.13.  This is about as fake tan I as I get these days! It’s a good one as its in between a tinted moisturiser and a full on fake tan.  You apply it the same as a body moisturiser.  Be confident and use a good amount when applying.  But you need to rub it in quickly as it soaks in to the skin really quickly.  Use sparingly around the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. Again, wash hands well afterwards. It feels sticky for a while after application so be careful and wear loose clothing afterwards.  I normally apply this one at night before bed and by the morning I’ve got a natural subtle colour.


I have to say the two products together work well too.  For example I used the Ambre Solair gel the night before last and used the Dove lotion the following morning.  This has given me a lovely natural and subtle colour. The smell of both products is ok, quite sweet and subtle so not too obvious, unless over used.


I use both on the face and find it works well as long as you use sparingly (don’t be fooled in to having to buy the separate face versions).
Follow application to the face with a normal face moisturiser.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t take the tanning lark seriously now (as explained above) nor do I look like I’ve stepped off a Carribean beach when I do use these products! (Blimey, I hate those fake tan adverts!) I’m still pale compared to most, but occasionally I’m a little less pale.  If anything else, it’s something nice to do for a night out (if your lucky) or just to pamper yourself a little bit! Realistically I only get to do this maybe a few times each summer, normally rushed between looking after the kids.  Like anything to do with any sort of beauty product, it’s a treat when I do get to use it and I think it’s important to do things that make yourself feel better, no matter how small.

Happy (safe) tanning all! Especially all my fellow English roses out there!

Jess x


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13 thoughts on “How do pale mummas tan? Product Review

  1. You are so much like me Jess, I’ve been naughty and had sun beds in the past but never again. Weirdly my top half tans well if I spend a lot of time outside these days, but my legs repel the sun and blind everyone within a mile of me ;) I have one son who tans easily, but also wears shorts all year long and one who is naturally pale like me and gains freckles no matter how much suncream I use and doesn’t tan much…but oh man how I love the little freckles on his face. Beyond cute!!

    Stevie xx

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  2. Oo I like the sound of that. I tan well but just don’t have time to lie around in the sun with a toddler to run after. And I really don’t like the fake tan look. But I might use it on my legs, they’re white compared to my tanned arms at the moment ;) #brilliantblogposts

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday. I can’t say I quite relate, being Asian and all, but my extended family is always appalled that I allow myself to get “dark” (or rather darker due to sun exposure). I live in Texas! There’s no way I’m staying out of the sun! There are those in my family who use skin bleaching products, and that’s just so not my thing!


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