My Weekly Happy a List: Week 19

1. Playdoh fun. It was great on Sunday to get to do some creative play with my son whilst my daughter napped.  We spent nearly an hour playing with the Playdoh and we made an airport, car park and sea (more like a pond) along with planes, cars and boats.


2. My son getting his first gymnastics badge. My son has been doing gymnastics since January and he loves it.  His best friends have been going a while longer than him so already had received their badges.  It was a very proud moment when my son at last got his badge. So happy for him.


3. Swimming. For the first time in months we went swimming all together as a family. It really felt great doing something fun together. I felt immediately rejuvenated.  My son really enjoyed swimming for fun rather than being in a swimming lesson.

4. Lazy Sunday. We had a lovely lazy Sunday this week.  We put on one of the scooby do movies (which my son loves right now) and drank coffee and hot chocolate in our pyjamas.


5. The little lady cruising. My daughter is an amazing cruiser now! She gets everywhere on her feet via the furniture or walls now.  I’m sure she will take her very first steps by herself very soon.  I just hope it’s when I’m around and not whilst I’m at work.





4 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy a List: Week 19

  1. Ah congrats to your son on his gymnastics badge – what a wonderful achievement!! And your daughter is so active. I bet they are great buddies. #TwinklyTuesday x

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