My Weekly Happy List: Week 18

1. My daughter getting her 1st pair of shoes! I was so excited, more excited than her of course! Girls shoes are so pretty, I had so much fun! My daughter was so happy being measured and fitted, she was so good. Look how cute she looks! She’s not properly walking quite yet, but cruising everywhere.


2. My son running a 3k fun run. Serious proud mummy moment! Still can’t believe he ran all 3k, bless him and his little legs! He was do pleased with himself and kept running everywhere afterwards.


3. Running my 2nd 10k run. I was in two minds about running this as I hadn’t done as much training as I would have liked, so didn’t feel quite run ready! But I did it! All be it by walking a tiny bit! It really was so hard but I’m glad I did it.

4. Having a family photo shoot.  We booked a family photo shoot ages ago as I thought it would be a lovely age to capture our children (they are 5 and 1). We got some lovely photos of all of us and just the children in colour and black and white. I can’t wait for them to arrive now!

5. An impromptu visit to the park. After school last Thursday I decided we were all going up to the park. So I packed the picnic rug and some snacks and as soon as we got back from school off we went! We spent a good hour up there playing and running around in the sun. And daddy met us up there when he finished work too! It was lovely.



2 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 18

  1. First shoes are such a milestone! My daughters were still a US infant size 2 when they started walking, and no one sells walking shoes in that size, so I had to custom order them shoes. My budget was much happier when they grew into regular infant sizes. Of course, M was still in toddler sizes at age 8. Oh well!

    I hope you’ll be able to share those family photos!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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