My Week at a Glance 9/6/15



Its all been about the outdoors during the last week, be it the garden or out and about.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the garden, especially over the weekend.  My hubby planted two more lavender plants in the garden.  The photo on the bottom left is my son moving the soil in his own wheel barrow! He absolutely loves helping his daddy, whatever it might be. The grass got a much needed mow and strim.  And we did loads of washing to take advantage of all the nice drying weather (sad but true!).

I’ve really been appreciating all our lovely herbs and fruit in the garden.  I wrote a post about my favourites which you can find here Pictured here are the apple tree (top right) which is a new addition this year.  It has tiny Apple buds growing already! Also pictured is our beautiful lemon sage. I never knew sage produced such beautiful purple flowers! (Bottom right) And now it’s truly established its really flourishing.

My proud moment this week was seeing my son (and hubby of course!) run to the finish line completing a 3k run! So proud of my little man for running all the way! The run was organised by the school and we really made a day if it. And I completed the 10k run too!

Look out for ‘My Weekly Happy List’ Via the blog to find out more about my week!



10 thoughts on “My Week at a Glance 9/6/15

  1. Oh wow, congrats on running 10k what an accomplishment!! Your sage looks fantastic, your garden is in full bloom :) #myweekataglance x

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  2. Well done to you all on your running achievements. Where is the photo of you celebrating crossing the finishing line??? The concentration and determination in your son’s face pushing the wheelbarrow is adorable. There is nothing better than being in the great outdoors. Have a good week #myweekataglance

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