Fruit & Herbs in my Garden: May 2015

The gardens really flourishing at the moment with a wealth of green and the odd streak of colour here and there.  We haven’t planted many flowers this year as of yet, we normally fill our decking area with pots of bloom.  But we really concentrated on the allotment this year so our efforts have been else where.  However, the  plants that have already established are really doing well and we did plant some new fruit.

We’ve had mint in the garden for as long as we’ve lived here, so about 7 years. Its pretty much essential for a Pimms drinker! And it’s super easy to grow.  In fact it can take over a bit if your not careful! The smell of mint catches you as you go by and I got a lovely waft of it as I knelt down to take a photo.


Right behind the mint plant is a wonderful herb that we’d completely forgotten about until this year as its grown very large! We knew it was a type of sage by the shape of the leaves.  I remember planting it a couple of years ago and it was tiny then.  We’ve come to the conclusion it’s a lemon sage as the scent has a citrus tinge to it.  This year it’s flowerering beautiful purple flowers.  It really stands out and creates a beautiful backdrop to the garden.


An old favourite of mine and my hubby’s is Rosemary. We’ve had our Rosemary plant for a few years and it’s really matured in to a lovely Rosemary bush. We use Rosemary for lots of our cooking, especially Lamb dishes and roast potatoes.


Proudly in front of all my lovely bushes is our new apple tree. It’s the first tree we’ve ever had and it was quite a memorable moment planting it! We’ve ummed and arrhed about getting an apple tree for the last couple of years and finally we got one! We were told not to expect fruit the first year but it’s flourished and we can see the first signs of little fruit buds! You can see in the picture the naughty mint has seeded itself across the grass and up to the tree!


On our decking under the window we have a hanging planter that we planted strawberry plants in about 4 years a go. Every year we dont touch them and every year they come up and we have strawberries! This year in addition we turned my sons old frog sand pit into a strawberry planter! And they’ve really done well and we can see there will be lots of yummy strawberries! Yum!


Also on the decking and new this year we have a blueberry plant. This is the first time we’ve had a go at a blueberry plant but I really fancied trying something new. Plus both my kids absolutely love blueberries! We may not get any berries this year but it looks really healthy. Fingers crossed for some fruit or the kids may be a bit dissapointed!


What lovely herbs and fruits do you enjoy in your garden or home ?

Jess x

Home Etc

6 thoughts on “Fruit & Herbs in my Garden: May 2015

  1. Oh my your garden looks amazing and from your photos, I can just smell the herbs. You’ve inspired me to get some going in pots!!!

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