My Weekly Happy List: Week 17

1. My sons 5th birthday! My son has been counting down the days to his birthday and at last it arrived! He was so happy to be 5 which is so grown up in his eyes! We organised a dinosaur themed party for him and his friends in the village hall.  We had a dinosaur bouncy castle and a few inflatable dinosaurs and decorations which kept all the children amused! My son had a wonderful day and received some wonderful presents and feels super grown up being 5!


2. Picnic on the beach. We had a lovely spontaneous picnic on the beach at the weekend.  The weather was a bit dodgy but we thought lets just go for it! And it was perfect (all be it a bit windy).  We spent a couple of hours on the beach cozying up together and looking at all the stones, playing and eating our picnic.

3. Date night. Hubby and I went on a date night to our local music festival.  If was great to go out as a couple and have a few drinks whilst enjoying the live music.  It rained on us but it didn’t matter as I had a few gins and a good old dance!

4. Enjoying a sunny day.  During half term we did manage a day in the garden in the sun.  We got out the water/sand pit table and ball pool and had a lovely time.  Then the wind came and it was too cold! Nice whilst it lasted though!


5. Having half term off work. It’s been heaven having the week off work and being there for my little ones.  It’s so easy stepping back in to the routine with the kids and it felt like normality.  It actually felt like I’d had longer off work, so it was obviously good for me.  My favourite part was being there in the mornings to get up with them and give them their breakfast, as I normally miss out on this most of the week when I work.

Whats been your positive highlights this week?

Jess x


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15 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 17

  1. Your son looks so thrilled for his birthday, sounds like a perfect 5-year-old party! The music festival date night sounds really lovely too! #lovelythings x


  2. So many lovely things; half term is definitely a lovely thing. Happy birthday to your son; 5 is definitely grown up. Hard to imagine 5 when you’re still counting in months, though the counting is in the double digit now. I could do with a date night … thinking about feels really lovely. #lovelythings

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    1. Trust me it flies by, so quickly the months turn into years! Scary! Yay to a date night you should arrange one! Sometimes we just get a nice bottle if wine & watch a movie! Thanks for commenting! X


  3. Ok where did you get the life sized dinosaur? Love it. Our mini monsters grow so fast. My son turned 5 in January and I have no idea where 6 months have gone since then. Love the pic of your little one in the kiddy pool. Congrats on a date night…I believe every couple should have them regularly to focus on one another without screaming kids in the middle. I am popping over from #lovelythings. :)

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    1. It was part of the hire along with the bouncy castle! The kids loved it! they played with it more than the bouncy castle! My boy had such a fab birthday, I’m so sad he’s growing up but proud at the same time! X


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