My Weekly a Happy List: Week 16

1. Attending my boys school cafe.  On Monday I got a written invitation from my boy to attend his class school cafe.  It was great finishing work early and being able to be there for him.  All the children wore chef hats, took orders and served their parents food and drink.  It was do much fun and my boy did a great job.  Look out for my post about this!


2. My boy getting ‘Child of the Week’ at school.  My boy exceeded himself again receiving his second ‘Child of the Week’ certificate.  This time it was awarded for swimming and doing well at his class cafe and role playing.


3. My daughter walking with a walker. It was only a few weeks ago she started to crawl and now she is already walking with the help of her walker or your hand.  She’ll be taking her first steps soon!

4. Enjoying my last day at work before my week off for half term!  It was such a good feeling finishing work on Thursday knowing I had all the following week off for half term.  Lots more time with my little ones!


5. Staying away with one of my best friends child free!  I actually got a night away to have a girly night out and a lie in! I missed the kids like crazy (luckily I have all this week off with them) but it was great to catch up with my friend and have a good old dance! This pic is of us looking a bit blue at the gig we went to!




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