My Weekly Happy List: Week 15

1. Coming home from work and getting an amazing welcome home. My daughter as soon as she heard my voice came crawling to the door as fast as she could, lifted her arms up and gave me the biggest hug! It was so funny, I could hear her excitedly crawling to me all the way thought the house!

2. Watching my son and daughter play together. This week we actually got to take the sand/water table that we brought a few weeks ago, outside! And my son couldn’t wait to fill it with water and start playing. My daughter as soon as she saw him playing, went over and joined in.  He really enjoyed showing her all the toys.


3. Picked up my new car! I’ve traded my Hyundi in for a Nissan Qashqai and I love it! It was so scary driving a brand new car home after I picked it up. And it’s a bit bigger than the hyundi so I had to get used to that. But I’ve got used to driving it now and I absolutely love it!

4. My hubby succeeding with the allotment. It’s been a slog but my hubby has made amazing progress up at the allotment. He worked really hard this weekend and finished getting most of the seeds in. We can’t wait to start harvesting the fruits of our labour now!


5. Reminiscing about the birth of my daughter. I at last wrote up ‘My baby girls turned one!’ Post this week. It was so lovely looking back at all the gorgeous pictures of her when she was newborn. I can’t believe a years gone.  The only problem is, it made me all broody again!


Mami 2 Five

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