My baby girl turned one!

It seems like only yesterday when my baby girl arrived and we met our precious daughter for the first time. I felt so blessed to be pregnant with our baby and experiencing having a new born again. And what an utter surprise when she arrived, having convinced ourselves we were having another boy. It wasnt the birth I wanted but she was brought in to the world safety too us.  My beautiful blue eyed, strawberry blonde GIRL was a wonderful surprise!


My daughter looked so perfect, small and precious. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, the feeling of being a mummy again was so over whelming and all consuming. I’d felt the same with my boy when he arrived and I found it just as special second time round. How lucky am I ? I thought, to have a pigeon pair. Our little family felt complete.


I will never forget my boys face when he met his sister for the first time. Such pure and utter joy, his face expressing every feeling. He straight away became her protector, falling in love with his sister before he even knew.


Those early days were damn hard, more because of the guilt I felt for my boy who had had us to himself for 4 years was now having to share us. Our daughter demanded breastfeeding every 1-2 hours and it was tough. My poor boy only ever saw me with his sister attached to me. It was like this for weeks. But we overcame it and came through the other end together.

Breastfeeding my daughter, although I felt guilty for the time it took me away from my boy and though it was bloody hard, was the most rewarding and special experience. I felt so proud I could do it and was providing her with all that precious milk for as long as I could.


As my daughter grew the bond between her and her brother grew stronger. It’s been so beautiful to see. She watches him intently and follows his every move. I don’t think he realises how much he is idolised by her. She just wants to be with her big brother ALL the time!


The months of maternity leave were perfect and my daughter and I made many new friends. I wanted it to last forever but unfortunately it had to come to an end. I returned to work and my daughter started nursery and it all felt a bit too soon. My daughter did me proud though, taking it all in her stride.

The girl who sat still playing happily with the toys placed in front of her for months, decided to crawl on her first birthday! And now she’s all over the place and standing and taking steps whilst holding hands too!

And so my daughter turned one last month and I think I’m still in shock. I really don’t know where this years gone, it’s flown by in the blink of an eye! I would relive the last year given the chance in a shot! My little bundle of newborn joy has grown up into a beautiful little girl and sister, full of character!



I wanted to mark the occasion of her turning one but we kept it small and had an intimate party at home with close family and godparents.  She loved all the attention and especially enjoyed having all her cousins there to play with.

She really has blossomed in to such a happy and content little girl.  Although I think she’ll keep all of us including her brother on our toes!





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8 thoughts on “My baby girl turned one!

  1. What a gorgeous post – I love the photos of her with her big brother – so adorable! If we are lucky enough to have another one, there’ll be a similar age gap as yours and I think it’s a lovely one. Happy belated first birthday little lady! Thanks so much for linking to with #TwinklyTuesday


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