The A to Z of me!

Thank you Kirsty from Somethingcrunchymum for nominating me for ‘the A to Z of me’ ! I really had to think about what I would put for each letter (some letters were harder than others!) but really enjoyed writing it and having a go!

A is for affection, love my family huggles.

B is for baking, my favourite hobby.


C is for cats, we have two.

D is for dreams, I have many!

E is for eating, one of my favourite things to do.

F is for family, the most important thing in my life.


G is for G & T, my favourite tipple.

H is for home, my safe place.

I is for iPad, it’s like attached to me (or am I attached to the iPad?!)

J is for joy, a feeling I get when I’m with my children.

K is for kindness, a most important quality.

L is for love, I have lots of it.

M is for Maldives, where we had our honeymoon.


N is for New York, where I spent my 30th.

O is for Opal, my birth stone.

P is for photographs, I’m always behind the camera.

Q is for Qashqai, it gets us around.

R is for running, I’m training for a 10k! Eek!

S is for Sri Lanka, where we got married.


T is for toys, they’re absolutely everywhere.

U is for untidiness, something I live with.

V is for village, I live in one.

W is for walking, we do lots of this as a family.

X is for eXercise, I should do more (sorry, slight cheat).

Z is for the zoo, my boys favourite place.

I now nominate the following lovelies:

Laura, laurasarahdoll

Stevie, acornishmum

Karen, craftymama

Jess, Mummyofboygirltwins

I will look forward to reading yours! Jess x

The List

8 thoughts on “The A to Z of me!

  1. ooh love the cupcakes!! Great to find out some more about you – the Maldives look totally dreamy! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    Liked by 1 person

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