A Rather Crafty Bank Holiday Monday

I was lucky enough to win the first ever blogging competition I entered! It was a competition that Karen at craftymama ran at Easter and I got a lovely Easter craft package full of goodies! This lovely prize arrived at the end of last week and the bank holiday was our first opportunity to try it out.  So when my little girl went down for her nap, my boy and I had some super one on one time doing some Easter spring crafts on a rather rainy bank holiday Monday!


I have to say at the outset that we did not follow the instructions exactly! (Not for want of trying) plus It’s just not my boys way when it comes to making things!

We started by opening up the box to see what was inside. My boy was so excited to be doing some craft as its not an activity we do a lot together (we really should do more!). This was made even better by not having his newly crawling sister at his ankles!  He really could not contain himself and wanted to get stuck in straight away!


At first I was a bit baffled as there was actually instructions! Eek! If there’s instructions I thought, this is not going to be simple! I’m not a naturally arty crafty person (I’m happy to admit) so this needed a bit of extra effort on my behalf.

We started really well and managed to make a little chick, which actually looked like the one in the picture! My boy loved it and thought it was so cute!  This is a great start, I thought.


After we made the chick we moved on to the flowers and the flower pot, which was a bit more complicated!  I’m useless at following instructions so in the end we just made it up as we went along!


My boy really enjoyed putting the glue on, this was definitely his favourite bit! By the end he was a bit over the top with the glue meaning everything took a while to dry. But it didn’t matter, he loved it and was enjoying himself!

After we had a go at the flowers my boy wanted to make the bunny faces. Even with my help they didn’t look quite right, but we had a decent go and put our own spin on them!  It was actually quite nice just letting my boy do things his own way and be a bit creative.


We finished by decorating the Easter eggs. My boy really enjoyed putting the glue on and sprinkling all the sparkles on. We made a right mess and it felt great!


I am so glad we took the time to do something crafty together. This was definitely helped by the lovely competition win, so thank you Karen at craftymama!

At the end of the day it didn’t matter that we didn’t follow the instructions, in fact it was fun making it up ourselves and we really enjoyed the one on one time we had together, doing something a bit different.  And look what we made!


Super Busy Mum

2 thoughts on “A Rather Crafty Bank Holiday Monday

  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Wish our crafts turned out half as nice (I am unfortunately don’t have a creative bone in my body). Thanks for sharing this lovely post, loved all the beautiful photos! Hope you link-up to #MMWBH again next week, look forward to seeing you there! :)

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