My 10 Blogging Goals for May 2015

I think the first bloggers I saw write a blogging goals post was Abi from youbabymemummy and Stevie from acornishmum. Not sure that was their exact title, but the same idea! Thanks girls for pushing me to write this one!

I think it’s about time I set myself some blogging goals to challenge myself and push me a little bit further in my blogging journey. I doubt what I’ve listed is all realistically achievable in one month (especially the first!) but hey let’s give it a go and aim high!

I realise some my goals won’t seem that big a deal to a lot of pro bloggers, but I am blogging very part time at the moment and literally get a couple of hours a night to blog after a very long day in the office! Sounds like an excuse I know but it’s just my reality. I wish I could blog full time as I LOVE it so much, but for now it’s more like my part time little secret love. My ultimate goal of course is to become a full time blogger!! Who knows?! May be one day….Anyway, back to reality and back to ‘My 10 Blogging Goals for May 2015’ wish me luck!!

1. To increase my Tots100 ranking to within the top 1000. I’m currently ranked 1664 in April up from 1864 in March, so I’m going in the right direction at least! I’m not expecting to make that sort of jump in just a month, but aim high as they say! And I’m quietly ambitious (or not so after writing this!)

2. To increase my Twitter followers to over a 1000. That would be amazing! As well as writing blog posts, Twitter has to be another new found love. Who knew? I’m not that far off a 1000 so hopefully this ones achievable! Come on tweeters!!

3. To increase my Instagram followers to over 200. I’ve not long started using Instagram and it’s been slow progress so far. I opened an account pre blogging and never really used it, but I’ve discovered what a joyful and happy place it is! And I enjoy viewing everyone’s pictures daily and posting mine, it really makes me feel good inside!

4. To write a minimum of 5 posts per week. I know some of you will do that in a day, but I would feel really proud if I could manage this. I’m a little inconsistent at the moment, so want to set myself a reasonable number to keep me writing each week. I have lots of ideas and am trying a new technique of writing them down as titles straight away in draft format. Then adding to them as the detail comes.

5. To review at least 6 blogs per evening. Again, not a huge number, so hopefully realistic. I know this is the most important part of blogging so I really want to be reading more and more of all your lovely posts. I’ve learnt so much already from you all and love reading all your stories so the more I can read the better!

6. To review my first product! This will be a completely new blogging area for me. But I have lots of ideas for my first product review and will pick something I love as my first review. I would then love to link this to my first competition!

7. To join a linky every day. I don’t even know if there’s a linky every day but if there is, I’ll try and find it! Any tips let me know! Linking has been a real discovery for me. It really exposes you as a blogger and to all those great posts you all write.

8. To run my first competition! Scary!! Again, I have some ideas and will probably keep it small scale to begin with. I would love to link it to my product review in some way (as above).

9. To redesign my header on my blog. It’s never been right, so it’s about time I sorted it! I’m no techy and can’t afford to pay anyone to design something, so at some point I need to dedicate some time to this. Eek! Any tips out there??

10. To get over 100 followers on my blog site. I’m at 64 currently, so a little way to go. It’s been hard to increase my actual blog followers, it’s been a lot quicker to increase my Twitter and Instagram followers in comparison. I guess if I a have some of this list completed I’m giving my blog a good chance! I realise I have to ‘face’ Facebook at some point too, but I’m saving that for another time…

Of course I will review how I have got on with my list next month to see how I have got on!

What are your blogging goals? Or if you’ve achieved yours what tips have you got? Jess x




4 thoughts on “My 10 Blogging Goals for May 2015

  1. A lot of your goals are similar to mine I think. I don’t know how some bloggers can log multiple times per day, they are amazing. I’ve got an illustrator working on the header for my blog this month which I’m excited about :)

    Good luck with them and I look forward to seeing how you do x

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    1. Oh that’s great! I feel like I’m not putting enough time in but I literally do spend all evening blogging!! I love it so much I can’t stop when I get going!! Can you let me know how much your header designer is costing? I would love to get someone to do it for me! Will look forward to seeing yours! And good luck with your blogging goals! X


  2. Your goals are sensible and all make sense. I know quite a few people that have used PicMonkey for their headers; I must say I find it really easy but I was thinking to write a post on the various features it has and what you can do on there. I really can’t stand pushing myself on social media; it just all feels so false but it’s something you have to do and I find Twitter the easiest out of the lot. The other platforms I’m on them but not doing a great deal. I’ve reviewed 3 products that I received payment or a gift for which after a month of blogging is great, I found one on Twitter one from a Facebook group and another was from a company that had seen my blog and contacted me directly. I’m no pro I’m saying what I’ve done so far in case it helps you. Good luck! xx

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