My Weekly Happy List: Week 12

1. Watching a film. I took the opportunity to watch a movie one night when my hubby went out with the lads. I watched ‘Water for Elephants’ with Robert Pattison and Reese Weatherspoon. I really enjoyed the love story and happy ending (soppy thing!).  It was great to just chill out and have some me time.  I enjoyed a glass of vino too!

2. Meeting my 6 k running target. I didn’t think I would this week as I hadn’t run for a while, but I actually managed to run 6k and I felt I could have run even further! I felt so full of energy and the scenery was stunning. The sun was going down and made the sky look so beautiful it kept me going! On the home stretch I took a photo (as I jogged on the spot!).  I haven’t included it though as for some reason it’s really small and I can’t figure out how to make it larger! #photofail

3. My little girl turning one and crawling! So this week my baby girl turned one. It was a mix of emotions. On the one hand I was full of joy and pride seeing my little girl reach such a milestone. On the other, I felt sad that she had grown up, way too fast. Her birthday was the day she decided to crawl and she ventured everywhere! Amazing she went from virtually not moving to crawling everywhere!  Her godmother took the lovely picture below of her with her new dolly which she was very excited about!


4. My boy becoming such a chatter box! My boy has suddenly become such a chatter box.  He is so full if life and questions it’s so lovely to see.  You can see him thinking as he’s talking and really trying to understand the world around him.  I love watching him and listening to him as he soaks up everything and try’s to articulate everything in his head. He’s so grown up now and wants to know everything!


5. My baby girl giving her brother a big hug!  Today my little girl felt a bit under the weather.  She has been so tired, as she’s had interrupted sleep due to coughing and I think she’s teething too. When she woke up crying when she napped today and I brought her downstairs, she looked all sorry for herself.  She was cuddled in to me and then suddenly she lurched forwards to her brother and gave him the biggest hug ever and they cuddled each other for such a long time it was gorgeous.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to grab my camera! I love seeing them so close, it makes me so happy.

Super Busy Mum

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