10 funny things my boy has said

Somebody said to me once, write down all the funny things your child says once they start talking, it will be something to look back on and make you all laugh when their grown up.  Well, I’m a bit late with my boy (he’s neatly 5) but I thought it would be funny to start capturing some of the things he says that have have made me giggle to myself or made the hubby and I laugh.  So, this is my first post (I’m sure there will be more) I have entitled simply ’10 funny things my boy has said’.



1. ‘Why have you got spots?’ – great! Thanks for pointing that out son! Love how kids just say it as it is!

2. ‘Mummy, my sisters annoying me!’ – yes son, you’ve got years of that to come.  Trust me, get used to it, it won’t get any better!

3. ‘It won’t go down mummy’ – you can probably guess what he was referring too. This was a bath time incident. I said ‘stop touching it then!’ Then he said ‘it still won’t go down!’ To which I said ‘over to daddy!’

4. ‘You silly chump’ – I don’t know where he gets this from (‘coughs’ umm hubby).  He says it quite a lot and we’re trying to stop it obviously.  I can think of worse things to call us but seriously there’s no respect!

5. ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah, woop, woop’ – the first time he said this, I think when he got something right or was excited, my hubby and I looked at each other in fits of laughter! Where did he get that from? His teacher of course! Obviously.

6. ‘What the sherbet lemons?!’ – this is something hubby and I say in replacement of other words (if you know what I mean).  Totally our fault.  Makes us giggle every time. Can’t help it.

7. ‘Uh oh spaghettio’ – again, one of mine and my hubby’s sayings.  Funny how he’s picked this up and uses it when he gets something wrong or drops something.  Makes me think what he says when he’s at school…but then the teacher taught him ‘oh yeah, oh yeah, woop, woop!’

8. ‘I’m 16’ – I tend to agree with this one when he has his teenage like attitude! Makes me laugh how grown up he thinks he is.

9. ‘When I was a little boy…’ – as above, makes me laugh he thinks he’s so grown up.  I say to him ‘but you are a little boy’ and he replies ‘no I’m not mummy, I’m a big boy!’.  So cute he uses this phrase when he’s remembering something that happened, be it yesterday or a year ago.

10. ‘You are old and rickety’ – yes, this was referring to me. Not sure why he said it as I’m obviously not old and rickety (haha). It’s the rickety bit that made me giggle! I googled the meaning of rickety and it came up with ‘poorly made and likely to collapse’. Great.

Got to love them and the things they come out with…!! X




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30 thoughts on “10 funny things my boy has said

  1. Aww this is cute! I have only just started recording my youngests sayings (he’s 2) and I have an almost 5 year old too – wish I had started recording his sayings earlier #TenThings

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  2. I often think stand up comics are just adults who didn’t develop the inner ability to self monitor their thoughts, kids come out with some of the funniest (and sadly too accurate) comments at times, they’d earn a fortune on the stand-up circuit :)

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  3. These are funny! Aren’t kids hilarious? I especially love the sherbert lemons, and the “when I was a little boy!” LOL They say the darnedest things and it is so hard not to laugh ourselves silly, especially the first time they say it.

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  4. ha my nephew is always pointing out my spots…….makes me feel good about myself – not! lol got to love what they say though! i had disney flip flops on last week and he told me they were very pretty haha!

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  5. Oh they do make you laugh.

    My 6 year old told everyone is his class I was really old.”He’s 93″ he told them being serious. Cheeky monkey I’m only 39!



  6. Aww this is funny – it’s great to note the funny things down! Unfortunately Zach seems to say his funny things in the car and by time I’ve got home, I’ve forgotten what he’s said!! I swear we need a dictaphone on constantly with our children around! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  7. what a wonderful post! I smiled and had a few laughs reading through it :) I think I may use the “what the sherbert lemons” lol :) Thank you so much for linking on #wineandboobs

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