My Week at a Glance 13/4/15

linking up again this week with Liz from ‘working mummy & wife’ and the ‘My Week at a Glance’ linky.

I’ve tried a new collage maker this week but I’m still not 100% sure I’ve got it quite right yet.  But here’s my second go and I’ll probably change to something different again next week!  Any suggestions please let me know!




On the top left is a picture of my boy playing on the new ‘exercise’ inspired play equipment at our local town park.  Something I really enjoyed doing with him last week and as I’ve written about in my ‘Weekly Happy List:Week 10’ post.

On the top right is a photo of my gorgeous boy and I in the garden.  This picture pretty much sums up our week together.  I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time with both my children over easter, it’s been a real treat.

Bottom left is a picture of my boy tucked up in bed when he hosted his first sleepover.  We invited one of his cousins for a sleepover during the Easter hols as a treat.  They both had such a lovely time together, albeit a late night chatting and giggling!

On the bottom right is a beautiful picture of my gorgeous girl.  She spent ages playing with the peg basket in the garden one day last week. She was so happy just sat in the sun with the pegs in her own little world, so glad I got a picture of her enjoying that moment.

Thats it summed up for this week!





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