Crispy bacon & sausage pasta

This is a really basic pasta recipe with extras added. We tend to change it depending on what we’ve got in the fridge.  We make this when we’ve got nothing in, so raid the cupboards and we always have a bag of pasta and a tin of tomatoes at the back of the cupboard! The crispy bacon really makes this dish come alive.


Time to prepare: couple of minutes, you prepare as you go really

Time to cook: about 15 minutes (sausages may take slightly longer)

What I used:

1 x bag of Frusili pasta (we used a 500g bag)
1 x tin of chopped tomatoes
1 x onion
1 x pepper
1/2 tin of tinned sweet corn
Mushrooms (about a large handful)
Dried basil
Vegetable oxo cube
4 x rashers of bacon (I use smoked)
4 x chipolata sausages
Some cheese to grate on top (optional)

What I did:

I pre-heated the oven to 200c and put in the oven the bacon and sausages on a lined baking tray. These take about the same time as the rest so it is all ready together. As I brought to the boil some water in a large saucepan I chopped/diced the onions, mushrooms and pepper and started frying these in a wok. As the fried off I added the pasta to the boiling water to cook whilst I made the rest of the sauce. I added the tin of chopped tomatoes and the sweet corn to the onions,mushrooms and peppers. Once this has come to the boil I reduced the heat to a slow simmer. Then I added the basil (about a tablespoon as I like lots) and the vegetable stock cubes. Once this is cooked through the pasta, bacon and sausages should all be ready.

I drained the pasta and added this to the sauce in the wok and mixed this well together. Then I crushed the bacon (it should be nice and crispy) and cut the sausages in to bite size pieces. I added this to the pasta and sauce and mixed it all in. You can add grated cheese to finish if you fancy but we had ours without (other than my boy as cheese is his favourite!).

Hope you enjoy! X



Cuddle Fairy

8 thoughts on “Crispy bacon & sausage pasta

  1. That looks really lovely and like something my kids would devour! A lovely dinner for the whole family which is what I love to cook. Thank you so much for linking up with #foodpornthursdays xx

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