My Week at a glance 8/4/15

This is my first ‘My Week at a Glance’ linky and my first challenge was to learn how to create a collage of photos!  Something else I’ve never done before and I’ve learnt on my blogging journey! Hence why this post is a little late as it’s taken me a couple of days to figure things out.


The photos at the top of the collage show the Easter basket the Easter bunny left my son on Easter Sunday and the look on his face after he’d gorged himself!

The middle photos show my son searching for Easter eggs in our garden.  He was very funny and told me the Easter bunny was not a very good hider.  Note to self: must do better next year!!  The second photo in the middle captured my son teaching my baby girl how to play the xylophone (in between Easter egg hunts & gorging on Easter sunday).

the photos at the bottom are of my son up at our allotment playing in the grass and of my baby girl having daddy cuddles after we had been away over night (we really missed him!).


You Baby Me Mummy

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