My Weekly Happy List: Week 9

There are so many happy things this last week that I could list, as I’ve been home with my lil ones and we have had so many special times, but I’ve summarised everything in my usual 5 points. Really enjoying writing this post every week, really cheers me up and makes me feel so grateful for everything in my life.

1. Spending time with my family. We had a fabulous Easter Sunday with all of my family at my aunty and uncles house. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the kids loved running around on their Easter egg hunt.


2. Easter morning. My boy was so amazed and overwhelmed that the Easter bunny had come and left him so many Easter eggs. My boy and my baby girl had a basket each full of chocolate eggs (my baby girl only had a few!) and the Easter bunny had hidden some in the garden for them to find. It’s so sweet that my boy believes in the Easter bunny! He said he wasn’t a very good hider though! So funny! Will do better next year!


3. Having a special day with just my boy at the zoo. Some of you may have seen my post on the zoo in pictures. As my baby girls nursery runs in school holidays I decided that on her nursery day me and my boy would have a special mummy and son day. We had a wonderful day together.


4. Seeing one if my best friends and having a good catch up. The children and I met with one of my best friends at our local art cafe. Last time we went my boy painted a Triceratops and this time he wanted to do the T-Rex. He always gets bored after about 2 minutes so last time I finished off the painting of the Triceratops and this time it was my friend who helped! Bless him.


5. Staying with one of my best friends with the kids. I also wrote about this in my post ‘Easter Hols Part 1’. We had an amazing time away catching up but we missed daddy! My baby girl had big hugs when we got home!




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7 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 9

  1. What a lovely list. I do miss the times when my boys were small and sharing all of those lovely experiences with them. I loved watching them hunt for eggs in the garden and filling their little baskets. For months to come we would still be finding the ones they missed. Treasure all of these experiences and record as many as you can because in the blink of an eye children have a habit of growing up.xx


  2. What a lovely happy list – love your son telling your that the Easter bunny was not a good hider – very funny and love the photo of him painting the triceratops – that sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you for linking up with #ftmob :-)

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